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As many are starting to realise, we’re living in incredible times, and a mass awakening of human consciousness is underway. The first stage of this is the realisation that the world is not run by the people we’ve been conditioned all our lives to believe it is. It’s a network of occult secret societies who actually control all aspects of human life. And it’s finally coming down. It’s a complex network, but ‘The Illuminati’ has come to be adopted as a collective term for the covert controllers.

More than any other genre, the hip-hop world has been paying attention to the revelations, and Illuminati/ New World Order-related lyrics are being infused into tracks by more and more vigilant artists – those that aren’t owned by one of the control-system corporations, that is!

So if I’m a nutter, so are a hell of a lot of rappers!

In this special one-off edition of Just Buggin, Mark Devlin presents a carefully vetted selection of tracks whose lyrics address various aspects of the global conspiracy – along with the occasional foray into the nature of reality itself and the false version of history we’ve been fed, because they’re all fundamentally linked. Not your average fluffy family fun then! No Rihanna or Nicki Minaj here. This is music for mature, open-minded grown-ups who aren’t afraid to think for themselves.

The lyrics for as many of the tracks as it was possible to find are included on the soundcloud page.

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