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In the video above, MC Shan addresses a statement Masta Ace made about why Shan did not appear on the classic posse cut The Symphony. Not only does Shan say Marley Marl didn’t pay anyone who appeared on In Control Volume 1, but he also drops the bombshell of saying Marl did not produce many of his credited tracks. MC Shan goes on to say the likes of Big Daddy Kane & Biz Markie made their own beats while Marley Marl took credit for them.

In the video below, Marley Marl addresses some of the allegations Shan made. The legendary Juice Crew producer dismisses Shan’s claims that he took credit for tracks he didn’t produce, says that Shan is irrelevant and explains that “nobody was getting paid” during their time at Cold Chillin’ Records.

Via KN.

UPDATE: The story continues. Hit continue reading for the latest responses by Shan & Marley.

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