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Ace’s out-of-print underground gem is getting the ten-year treatment, as the Juice Crew/EMC alum reveals he’s in the studio with a live band.

Brooklyn, New York emcee Masta Ace released celebrated album Disposable Arts on October 18, 2001. A member of The Juice Crew as well as EMC, the album was Ace’s first release after a two-album tenure with his group, Masta Ace Incorporated. The Jcor Records release featured the likes of Greg Nice, King Tee and Rah Digga, and subsequently went out of print with the defunct label.

Recently, Masta Ace tweeted that he is recording a 10th anniversary project to Disposable Arts. Ace noted that he is recording with a live band on the Domingo-produced “No Regrets” and “Every Other Day.”


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