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This Brooklyn singer/songwriter, activist and all around amazing woman Maya Azucena used to chant in her shows Maya Who? Mainly for audiences not sure how to pronounce her last name- also promoting her first release ‘Maya Who?!’ which came out in 2003. Since then she’s put out a hot mix CD called ‘Taste This’, her critically acclaimed ‘Junkyard Jewel‘, a hot maxi single release called “Make it Happen”, a bootleg of a culmination of songs called ‘What you don’t already have’ and fast forward to the present where Maya is busy putting the finishing touches on the much anticipated new effort ‘Cry Love’.

Maya’s journey has been a remarkable one and I’m thankful to have known her through most of it. We were first introduced at Joe’s Pub in 2004. I used to book the late night series and if Maya wasn’t on stage she was part of the enthusiastic audience at many of the shows and parties I promoted/booked.

Maya’s music is adored and appreciated around the world. She’s made many trips to Croatia. At least 22 by now and about to go again. She’s recorded with one of the biggest MC’s from there- Gibonni -and when he performs he usually flies her out incorporating her into the show. Definitely some royalty status in Croatia. She also just came back from Dublin recording with a well known singer/songwriter and she’ll be hitting Australia for a tour in October.

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