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“I’m a big Mayer Hawthorne fan,” DJ Jazzy Jeff explained, “so when the chance came up to do the remix, I jumped at it. It made me feel like I was at a roller disco, so I went with the roller boogie feel… I had a blast doing it.”

MAZDA2 teamed up the legendary Hip Hop DJ and producer DJ Jazzy Jeff with Mayer Hawthorne to create the “Roller Boogie Remix” of Mayer Hawthorne’s recently released “No Strings.”

“Jazzy Jeff is the greatest! My favorite DJ in the world!” Mayer Hawthorne exclaimed, so you know he was just excited as the crowd when Jazzy Jeff graced the stage.

Download: Mayer Hawthorne – No Strings (DJ Jazzy Jeff Roller Boogie Remix)

Hit continue reading to watch video footage of Jazzy Jeff’s appearance on a Mayer Hawthorne show in Boston.

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