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Moka Only and Ayatollah have joined forces for the new album Bridges, to be released on April 10th, 2012.
Listen to the title track below and hit continue reading to check the album tracklist.

1. Get A Soda
2. Fishgills
3. Come Along
4. Heavy As I Used To Be
5. For The Country
6. Anything You Know
7. I Tell Ya
8. Set Up A Mic
9. Afford The Best
10. Everything
11. Eckhart Tolle
12. Bridges
13. Betcha Neva Thought
14. Update
15. Future Novelist

iTunes Deluxe Version (Bonus Tracks)
16. Get This Style
17. Elephant Bill
18. Guess Who’s Best
19. I’m Not A Menace
20. Sodium

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