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DJ Dee-Ville:

Much like the DJ’s involvement in Hip Hop music, the Beatbox art was almost forgotten about by the time the 90’s came. Eventually Beatboxing and Turntablism kinda grew outside Hip Hop to become their own genre, but that’s not what this is about, this is about remembering that time when Hip Hop was just fresh for no reason, just dumb doo doo def for the fuck of it.

All the masters of the Beatbox technique are here at play, Doug E Fresh, Biz, Buffy from the Fat Boys. I had a lot of fun putting this together, the Beatbox joint was often reserved for lyrics about certain ladies and their promiscuous habits. I’m talking about clownin’ hoes. Check the line up of tracks with girls name, ‘Latoya, Dawn, Susie, Faye, Oh Veronica, Freeda’.

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DOWNLOAD: Mouth Music – The Human Beatbox (Mixtape)

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