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Hairy decided to put this extremely dope mix as a free download on his Soundcloud page. Listen below, and hit continue reading to read the story behind this mix.

I definitely shot myself in the foot when I named this mix tape since it’s one of those very cliche names like ‘ mega mix , ultra club bangers 2 , non stop foot stompers ‘ and other such awful names puts me right up there with the unoriginal and the d*cks.
However the mix took many shapes , twists and turns and I figured I’d just be honest about it and my feelings toward it without over analyzing.

I have had some cases made up (special thanks to Mr Krum’s design work again , and Boro from Rijeka/Croatia for printing and hand gluing each cardboard sleeve and helping bring what some will keep as a file to life )

So what started as a little something for the 500 people that ‘ liked ‘ my Facebook page turned into somewhat of a tribute .
Due and lightly promoted in May 2012 , and now I’m writing in October 2012 as the mix uploads yes it is 6 months late.
I’m not sorry.
its free .
shut up .

With a gratefully hectic DJ schedule this summer and my recent entry into parent hood( being the biggest lesson in time management ever )I’m throwing you this mix tape with a silly name .
Dirty Digs Disco.

Perhaps a more apt name for this mix would be’ Disco Related ‘ since not everything is 100% disco , but there is something disco esq in every track.
Its a free download for you internet people to enjoy , judge or pass on.
I started to think about why I made the tape. I put more time into thinking about why I wanted to make the tape rather actually making it.

I started to DJ funk around 1998/99 as an extension of showing off what hip hop samples I’d found from various digging expeditions for MPC fuel. – some 13 years on I’m glad to say I grew out of that and focused on selection and sub genres within jazz, soul , etc ..
I also played as a drummer in funk bands , circa (1998 -2003) with regular playing , gigs and DJ’ing on the side and the fondling drum machines in my bedroom excavating jazz and funk records.
Eventually choosing to leave the bands for lack of organization needed from everyone involved to keep it moving , I just kept adding to my collection playing and studying everything that had a funk ,jazz,soul, latin, disco infused flavor .
A lot of these records here I inherited from my uncle Paul.

A father figure , inspiration and one of the most knowledgeable guys I know in jazz / funk and soul.
When ever I would visit Paul and my auntie I would try and flick through his records and memorize some names . No camera phones in those days to snap the jacket !
Then when when my aunt and Paul made visits to my mum , brother and I he started seeing , Ah .. my nephew has some records here .. (Even some that he had! )
Shortly a sort of routine came .. ( and I’m around 20 years old whilst this is all happening)
I would go to see Paul and my aunt and try to mention a new names I had heard or discovered on digs or research as a way to get him to start pulling some records..
Then Paul would come out with an unbelievable fact or reveal a recording from his collection and say about it like , yeah he played on this record or yeah I saw him in 77’ in London Then we’d listen to the record hands on chins and give jazz approving nod.
Of course when music enthusiasts are listening to any record and talking about it then that leads to things like – oh did you here this track ? and the drums on this are recorded higher and they changed labels here . look at this one ! etc etc..
Paul would always use non typical adjectives to describe some of his choice cuts .I remember he pulled out a Tower Of Power album on the infamous Sheffield Labs label ( a label known for recording direct to tape) and he would say ” listen to this its a cracker ! or ,stonking or this one is a belter !
Its funny to me now because I haven’t lived in UK for over 5 years and its easy to forget how funny the language can be sometimes.

So Paul would say to me after we’d listened ” you can keep hold of that ” and hand me the record! If I was lucky I’d go home with around 2 or 3, records .
As you can (or can’t) imagine , this went on for next 12 years .
Paul and my aunt started their own family with my dear cousins being born, and Paul’s demanding career in the specialist Hi Fi industry saw him pay focus on. Well. Family, and work
He started to offer more and more records to me on each visit .. and I was coming home and putting these records on and literally shaking my head in amazement and shock of the samples , breaks and sounds I was hearing like Jeeeesus f*cking christ…

Oh I wondered for years were that sample was from ? or who that track was by .. Ohhhh a Steve Gadd drum break to sample ? .. Oh .. Richard Tee ? Eric Gale. Eddie Russ ahhh. mint ! jesus ..

I wanted to make this mix tape along time ago but I wanted to get used to the tracks , play them out , and spend as much time listening as possible ..
I went with the 1976 -1979 era since that seemed to be where a lot of Paul’s records that I had now inherited where from ..
Another shot to the foot was that when I was making the selection i’d stumble across some f*cking beauties before 76 or after 79. ..
but none the less I thought I would stick to my original plan and throw it together, that was my original theme. And play tracks that I’m familar with or that say something musically , or lyrically to me.

So at least 60% of these records were given to me from Paul and I’ve thrown it together in a selfish fashion , of a few of my favorites , some 45s , 12″ 45RPM , a lot of album cuts and the usual ‘ break selections ‘ (some of my favourite bits) and a few tracks Paul actually played me.
In April 2012 I made the first 40 minutes of this tape .. didn’t like how it went after 30 mins .. so I slept on it – For the WHOLE summer.
Then I revisited it in September and was satisfied with it.
the mix is 100% from vinyl
100% doubles
and 100% original vinyl (ie: no reissues)
This (internet version has shout outs from some homies that were down for the cause )
The physical version in the case (which you can get from me from at any gig ) is without the shout outs. If you wanna upload a ‘ version without the shout outs ‘ , having bagged a free copy then do it . I wont.

At the end of August this year my uncle Paul died from cancer at 57 years old.
I was informed via text message whilst about to go on stage and perform in Osijek (Croatia).
The next day I performed a funk set in Osijek which (privately ) I dedicated to Paul and played a lot of the music he introduced me to .
A massive person , hilarious , dry , funny , slick , sophisticated , great dancer , great musical knowledge , a travelled man , wise and intelligent .
A great father , husband and uncle and I’m glad he’s not suffering anymore.
Why would I write such a detailed throw down of events up on the internet ? That strange place were people write personal stuff and almost immediately regret it the next day .. Well , its a family affair.

If I hadn’t already made the cases , I think I would have called this tape
Uncle Paul’ s records . but hey I’ve just come up with a name for the next tape eh ? eh ? eh ? . Look out for that mix tape in 2013 Ha!
Uncle Paul’ s records 1980-1984 !!!

Thanks to the friends that did the shout outs for the tape. Šećer Lakai,Rational,Kandzija,Toxz, Tone Tuoro ,Shut Eyes,Inkognito Popora

Respect big ups and recognition goes out to out Smeđi Šećer , Jopa ,Kopaj Ovo DeeJay Woo-D ,Borko , Bakto ,Udo Brenner, Zeleno Sonce , Jizah, Chill, Mac The Barber ,Mr Krum

This mix is dedicated to Mr Paul Masson – 1954 -2012
a massive inspiration to me .
Rest in Peace sir.

Dirty Hairy
Zagreb Oct/ 2012

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