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Hope Road is the first film and is the story of that first night. I remember before I even had a chance to set the camera up right Nas was like “Yo, yo film this… “ and launched into the whole speech he gives here about “Smokin’ Cubans on the steps of Bob Marley…” from there on I knew I had to keep the camera up and ready to go. Please wait for the little surprise after the credits… Dawn on Hope Road.

This past week Hip Hop DX released 3-part video series Jamaican Journey, with exclusive footage of Nas and Damian in Jamaica. Check out all 3 parts of the series, directed and produced by B+ (Mochilla). See parts 2 & 3 after jump.

Dubplates at Tuff Gong, is Part Two. On the third night Damian and Stephen Marley went to work over a new Stephen song called ‘Jah Army.’ The song is pure heat. Dubplates are the stock and trade of the Jamaican musician. Tuff Gong itself is a place filled with so much history as Stephen explains to Nas at the beginning – even Bunny Wailer made an surprise appearance.

Trenchtown Rock is the day of the video shoot. Kassa and his crew were in full effect by the time I got there. To shoot with Nas in Trenchtown is a special thing. We got a tour of the house where Bob learned to play guitar, the kitchen where Ziggy was conceived – barely as big as a closet. And then there was the faces and people, such a strong spirit. It is really no shock in the end that so many incredible musicians came from Trenchtown.

  1. bost on January 23, 2011

    jaki ma wielki ryj…..

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  3. Sweeny on February 24, 2011

    Through Nas’s collab with Jr Gong I now have a little more understanding of Jamaican music. Slowly I’m working through it all and have been sent a link to this book. Am excited by the long journey of discovery.

    Pogus Caesar’s new book MUZIK KINDA SWEET = it features rare archive photographs of legendary Reggae artists including: Burning Spear, Mighty Diamonds, Augustus Pablo, Jimmy Cliff, Junior Delgado, Prince Alla, Dennis Brown and a host of others – a must for all lovers of Reggae.

    Article from The independent

    muzik kinda sweet on photobucket