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Following the public wake the prevous day, family and friends said their farewells yesterday during Nate Dogg’s funeral service at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal. Nate’s manager, Rod McGrew spoke during the service and had this to say:

He fought a hard fight. The last three years were unbelievable. He didn’t give up. He just had a talk with God and gave up. Two hours before that he was fine. He wanted to go to heaven and hang with his boys. He loved Tupac. He recorded with him. He wanted to hang with Biggie. But the most important thing is that he can walk around heaven with his favorite artist of all time, Michael Jackson.

On Friday Snoop visited the legendary tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon and got his arm inked in tribute to Nate Dogg. Hit continue reading to check the end result.

Via MTV & RR.

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