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Nefew, a truly international and cosmopolitan hip-hop combo based out of Switzerland, are set to release their EP “Homesick” through iTunes on December 1st, 2009. The project features a lead single with Consequence & Chanj and an exclusive appearance by Damon Daye.

Nefew feat. Consequence & Chanj – Biko

The Homesick EP is an autobiographical work that addresses the concept of homesickness in a different way. Homesickness, as opposed to “missing your home”, represents the yearning for an existence outside of the daily routines. Due to their multinational background, Nefew soon realized that Switzerland was not the appropriate home for their ideas and music, which merges American style productions with European elegance and humility. But, as so often experienced, talent alone is not enough to make it to a house-hold name in global urban culture, especially when you’re as far off the map as Nefew are.

The “Homesick EP” speaks on the trials and tribulations they have to go through to make it out of isolation into recognition and acknowledgment.

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