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The Red Bull Music Academy pays tribute to hip hop, arguably the most influential youth culture of our time – right where it all began. Over the course of five days, five classic albums from five boroughs are revisited via workshops and public talks in each respective borough. At night, the artists re-create their seminal work for a special concert, bridging the gap from old to new school. The five albums are: The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick (1988), Black Moon’s Enta Da Stage (1993), Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993), The Infamous by Mobb Deep (1995), and Dipset’s Diplomatic Immunity (2003).

Red Bull Music Academy

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  2. […] Clan in their home borough of Staten Island as a main feature in Red Bull Music Academy’s “Five Out Of Five” 2011 concert series. Although all 9 members weren’t in the building, the attending clansmen […]