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NY Live

DJ Eclipse:

This NY Live episode is from 3 days after Biggie was killed. The first time the mic is cracked (23:44) you can feel the tension in the air over Big‘s death. And every artist that came up that night touched on the subject as it was obviously the headlines in NYC that week. Joe Summa from One Step Beyond was the first guest up (68:18). The next to touch the mic after Joe was another NYC, NYU favorite, Half-A-Mill (90:48) who ironically was also gunned down years later.

One of his rare demos Unpredictable premieres at 99:16. Closing out the show was Stronghold‘s own Breez Evahflowin‘ (107:18). Outside of the somber mood in the studio was an always on point DJ Riz who provided a dope selection of music cut up as only he could.

NY Live w/Mr. Mayhem, Sunset & DJ Riz 89.1 WNYU March 12, 1997 by Itsdjeclipse on Mixcloud

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