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Based on nearly 10 years of vinyl singles and LPs, One Dub Plate At A Time is a mix put together by DJ Revolution, an early supporter of the label, and the selections were entirely chosen by the DJ himself using the full repertoire of skills available to one of hip hop’s most talented turntablists.

The album is coming out on November 17th. Continue reading to check out the album’s tracklist.

DJ Sat One feat. Baby Blak & Outerspace – Danger Zone (Download)

1. Nostalgia (Marco Polo Feat. Masta Ace)
2. Step Up Front (Gos)
3. Gypsy Slang (Hezekiah Feat. Bahamadia)
4. This Is What They Meant (Grand Agent Feat. Pete Rock)
5. Soul Control (Supastition Feat. Phonte and Big Pooh)
6. Swordfish (Pumpkinhead)
7. Any Last Words (Fel Sweetenberg)
8. Dangerzone (DJ Sat One Feat. Outerspace, Baby Blak)
9. I Need a Girl (Grand Agent)
10. Rollin’ (Marco Polo Feat. Sadat X, Ju Ju, A.G.)
11. Aftermidnight (DJ Sat One Feat. Last Emperor, Paul Yams)
12. Jukebox (Pumpkinhead)
13. The Radar Remix (Marco Polo Feat. Large Professor)
14. Hate My Face (Supastition)
15. Marquee (Marco Polo Feat. O.C.)
16. Homecoming (Supastition)
17. I Just Wanna Rhyme (Pumpkinhead)
18. Wild & Wreckless (Hezekiah)

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