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Kao što naslov otkriva, dijelimo 2 x 1 ulaznicu za 15.2. u KSET-u kada će Inkognito Popara promovirati svoj drugi solo album INK.

Prve dvije osobe koje se s punim imenom i prezimenom jave na adresu biti će na popisu na ulazu u klub KSET. Sretno!

UPDATE: Nagradna igra je završena i pobjednici su obaviješteni putem e-maila. Ostalima više sreće idući put.



Soundwave festival danas je na svojim stranicama potvrdio da će DOOM biti jedan od ovogodišnjih headlinera. Uz njega, nastupiti će i Robert Glasper Experiment, Homeboy Sandman, Tamara Saul i mnogi drugi. Kompletan line-up provjerite ovdje.

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Trying to measure the impact of 50 Cent’s colossal debut is almost impossible. Sure, you can tally the worldwide sales, which hover around 12 million units, or you could track the album’s singles on Billboard. Or just calculate the tour money earned behind the LP before figuring in the publishing dollars it generated. But to truly understand the influence of Get Rich or Die Tryin’, you’d have to examine the DNA of just about every rapper who released music after February 6, 2003.

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Maya Azucena - ComeWithMe


ludin flyer

Pozivamo Vas 22.02.2013. u Fly bar gdje će zagrebački reper Ludin live nastupom predstavit javnosti drugi album pod nazivom Snove Satko Sam Od Ulica.
Uz Ludina, nastupiti će i General Woo, Jopa, Bojan Jambrošić i Ivana Radovniković.
Ulaz će biti 20 kn.


ziggi sean price

Povodom gostovanja Sean Pricea u Zagrebu 19.2., DJ Odie složio je ekskluzivni mini mix za
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Here’s a recently unearthed clip of ‘Pac greeting Buckshot, Dru Ha and other members of Duck Down prior to the sessions for the unreleased One Nation LP that they recorded back in 1996. Originally conceptualized as a display of unity between the East Coast and the West Coast, the project was shelved after ‘Pac’s murder. Many of the songs have leaked over the years, but a rumored commercial release of the album never came to pass.

This footage was released by director Gobi M. Rahimi, who documented ‘Pac’s last days as his personal videographer and is attempting to release a documentary called 7 Dayz that will tell the story of the Rapper’s final week alive.

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Havoc is one of Hip-Hop’s most unsung producers. As one half of Mobb Deep, he helped cultivated the East’s sound while crafting hits for Foxy Brown, Nas, Eminem.
Consider this a 21 gun salute to QB’s Finest.

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The Pharcyde took The Shrine on a Bizarre Ride as they ran through hit after hit from their classic album Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde. Celebrating more than 20 years of success, this recently reunited super group gave an electrifying performance that rocked the crowd all night. In this video they also talk about, the uniqueness of The Shrine Chicago and what’s to expect the groups future.

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Pete Rock assists Nottz in the video for Turn It Up, which appeared on his In My Mind EP from last year.