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Kao što smo najavili, slovenski reper Triiiple predstavlja novi spot za pjesmu Za rap, na kojoj gostuje San. Ova pjesma je s njegovog zadnjeg albuma Prerod010, kojeg možete skinuti ovdje. Video je režirao Robert Hedzet (Musiceye).

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Jay Electronica drops a visual for his freestyle over Kanye’s Devil In A New Dress instrumental.

Via KHH.

Jay’s lyrics are neccessary here so hit the cut.

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4746224888 ed1e30fbe6 Nas Talks Lost Tapes 2 & Upcoming Studio Album

M Is For Music got a chance to sit down with the Queensbridge MC to get the latest information on his upcoming projects:

I know you’ve got a busy year scheduled. What’s the latest with The Lost Tapes 2?
Lost Tapes 2, I kinda got away from it and I started working on my new album so I kinda pushed that back and put my new album first because I lost time and its new album time so that’s where I’m at with it now.

Nas also talks about touring with Damian and working with him in the future and he states that while he still feels hip hop is dead, artists like Jay Electronica, J.Cole and Lupe Fiasco are keeping the spirit alive. Read the full interview here.

Spotted at YK2Daily.

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Latest visual for a track off Pusha’s Fear Of God mixtape, scheduled to drop March 21st.

Via Complex.

Download audio here and continue reading this post to download another Fear Of God track and have a look at mixtape’s official artwork.

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nate in 08 540x541 DJ Steve1der   Best of Nate Dogg (Nate In 08 Mix)

Following the sad news we recieved today, we dug up this Nate Dogg tribute mix from 2008 by DJ Steve1der. Listen below & enjoy.
R.I.P. Nate Dogg.

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Priki će u suradnji s svakog tjedna izbaciti po jednu pjesmu s njegovog novog albuma. Odluka je pala da se album servira u malo drukčijoj formi.
Pjesmu Sam je producirao Priki. U video prilogu iznad pogledajte trailer za spot, a pjesmu preuzmite ispod.

Download: Priki – Sam

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Posljednja dva segmenta iz Knjazove Svlačionice iz 1999. posvećene hrvatskom hip hopu. Drugi video provjerite u nastavku posta.

Prijašnji dijelovi: Tram 11, Elemental & TBF | Phat Phillie & Frx | Bolesna Braća | Renman & Stupni

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image006 Bolesna Braća i Kiki Beluhan ovog četvrtka u Pepermintu

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nate dogg R.I.P. Nate Dogg (1969   2011)

The bad news traveled so fast, with West Coast artists like Daz Dillinger, Latin Prince, Too Short and others tweeting that the G-funk hooksmith Nate Dogg had died. According to Long Beach’s Press-Telegram paper, Nathanial D. Hale, aka Nate Dogg, died on Tuesday, at the age of 41.

Nate had severe health problems. He suffered two major strokes, one in 2007 and the second in 2008. Through it all, Nate’s longtime friend and collaborator Warren G. stayed close and shared the sad news that the strokes had left Nate partially paralyzed. He never fully recovered.

Hit continue reading to watch just a few of his classic cuts and featurings.

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jdghostface 600x600 540x540 DJ Just Dizle   Starksologism (Ghostface Killah Mix)

To me, Ghostface Killah is the illest Wu-Tang member, and one of my favorite MC, he can rhyme about everything and nothing and still sounds like he said the craziest thing in the world, long story short, i decided to share with you, the science of Ghostface, Starksologism, this 2 hour mix (and the video of me recording the mix) full of my favorites songs/ features.

Tracklist, download link & the video after the jump.

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