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Freestyle Fetboysa od utorka za vrijeme njihovog gostovanja u emisiji Blackout Rap Show.


Provjerite freestyle 40Industry-ja na Blackout Rap Show-u.


Produced by DJ BeroZmay



MF DOOM’s OPERATION DOOMSDAY, independently produced and released, stripped down hip-hop in all it’s glory, came out on Bobbito’s Fondle ‘Em label in 1999, cementing the MC’s return to the scene after his early years in the group KMD.
As the story and legend goes, he’d been chewed up and spit out of the major label system, lost his brother and musical partner Subroc, he’d disappeared, he’d returned to the stage with a rocking a mask and obscured identity.
In under two years, OPERATION DOOMSDAY was already reissued on another label with an altered track list. During the time we started working with DOOM on the Madvillain record, DOOMSDAY went out of print, got bootlegged, and somewhere along the way emerged as a hip-hop classic.
DOOM’s own imprint Metalface Records finally re-issued the definitive version of the remastered album in 2011 – a CD (in a lunch box) and metal-covered 4LP set was released.

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stoka akc medika

Vrata kluba se otvaraju 22.00 h i dođite što ranije da pograbite ulaznice.Cijena karata je 30 kn do 23:00 h a nakon toga 40 kn !

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In the first part of an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Roc Marciano explains his approach toward making music as both an artist and VP of A&R for Man Bites Dog Records.

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Drugi singl sa Pendrekovog albuma prvijenca Hitovi I Himne. Produkciju potpisuje Dirty Hairy.


Dam-Funk and Snoop have a new video for “I’ll Be There 4U” from their album 7 Days of Funk . Shot and directed by Dah Dah Baker, the video was filmed during a late night in Amsterdam after the 2013 MTV EMA Awards. Stocked with some of the city’s finest greenery and pretty girls, the video captures Snoop and Dam performing the track after a brief interview about capturing funk.



Jonwayne remixes Ludacris, titled Luda Goes To Church And I DL Lex Luger’s Drum Kit.



Sinoć ste na Radiju 808 mogli čuti najbolje od domaćeg hip hopa u protekloj godini, po izboru Blackouta. Tko je propustio emisiju, sad je može poslušati putem Soundclouda. Nekoliko sinoćnjih fotki gostiju sa radija provjerite u nastavku posta.

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