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Spot za suradnju Fresh Stylea-a i MC Wumaha iz 1993.

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Official video for the latest single from Mic Tyson.



Termanology is back with a new mixtape, hit continue reading to grab the download link.


can ox

While Cannibal Ox’s seminal debut, The Cold Vein, was released in 2001, Vast & Vordul are also currently in the studio recording their long-overdue sophomore LP, which will be released in 2013, as Vast states “we never broke up, but the timing is now right for a new Cannibal Ox LP. Iron Galaxy Records is about to take over.”

After a successful west-coast tour run, Vast and Vordul are preparing for a east-coast run and recording new material for there forthcoming sophomore LP. Today, Cannibal Ox announces the release of a new Maxi-Single, “Gotham,” which includes three new tracks and will be available on 4-16-2013.

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Najavni singl novog albuma zagrebačkog repera Stoke. Još neimenovani album izlazi početkom sljedeće godine te će u cijelosti biti napravljen u suradnji sa Zagrebačkom filharmonijom!

Glazba i aranžman: Luka Karamarko
Tekst: Marin Ivanović Stoka
Mix i master: Morris Studio

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Future School je pjesma s zajedničkog albuma Brke i Mozake koji je najavljen za iduću godinu.
Spot izlazi premijerno idući tjedan na TIPITV-u.


Off Wais P’s mixtape Pv$$y RicH, an ode to incarcerated rapper G Dep. According to Wais P “The record is not a tribute to Dep himself but more of my take on his rhyme pattern which inspired me to make this record”. The video stars adult video vixens Melanie Monroe & Mone Divine alongside Wais P and vocals from newcomer Mike Maven.


Go behind the scenes at GGN Headquarters where Snoop feeds Lil Chuuuch and the crew (wings, pizza, pasta and other items of a munchies-related nature) with Eat24, the app that helps the Weather Girls stay juicy.


This is how you get people to pay attention during the in-flight safety instructions!

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1988 changed everything.

Hip-hop had been on wax for about a decade and had gone through a few permutations. The early disco and funk-influenced party raps of artists like Spoonie Gee and the Funky Four+1 were ancient history, and the ascendance of Run-D.M.C. and the artists of Def Jam Recordings had broken rap music through to the mainstream in a major way. With multi-platinum album sales, movie deals and major tours featuring rap artists, the genre’s staying power was becoming more and more evident.

Also, rap videos were becoming a hot commodity. Via shows like “Yo! MTV Raps” and “Rap City,” hip-hop culture was being beamed into living rooms around the country. Kids in the suburbs and in rural areas were now seeing hip-hop live and direct — just as the genre was beginning to splinter into several different subsets.

1988 saw hip-hop truly come into its own — and diversify. By year’s end, gangsta rap, pop-rap, alternative rap and political rap would all be firmly cemented into the hip-hop conversation. The genre was no longer easily defined and streamlined — it was now multilayered and growing broader by the album.

And, the albums were amazing. 1988 is constantly mentioned alongside 1994, 1998, 2000 and 2003 as one of the genre’s most significant years musically.

It’s not hard to see why.

So, as these classics reach their 25th anniversaries, here are the 15 greatest hip-hop albums of 1988 …

Check the list HERE.

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