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Video for the latest single from Slim Thugga’s new album Tha Thug Show.

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rap demos 540x348 The 30 Greatest Hip Hop Demos

Hard as it may be to imagine nowadays, there was a time when you needed more than just an Internet connection and a liberal dose of self-delusion to launch your career as a professional rapper*. You needed the skill to concisely channel your talent into a few choice songs, the resourcefulness to get that material into the hands of the record label gatekeeper who possessed the key to your hip-hop dreams, and a liberal dose of self-delusion. You needed a demo.

True, dropping a noise-making independent single, adding a hot guest verse on yourmansnthem’s record, or being the beneficiary of some good ol’ fashioned show biz nepotism could be more direct routes to getting on. But the traditional demo tape—an industry calling card in the form of a TDK60; that romantic relic G Rap and Erick Sermon once devoted crisp-lisped verses to—was still key to sealing the deal with any potential A&R suitor, and provided the unconnected masses perpetual hope of a seat on the express from ashy to classy.

They don’t make demos like they used to because, well, they don’t make demos anymore period. Blame the Interwebz for saturating cyberspace with more rap “projects” than New York City public housing. Yet as the Web taketh away so doth it giveth, regularly gifting us beaucoup vintage demos and lost OG versions of tracks from the classic hip-hop era like every day is rap nerd Xmas (or at least Kwanzaa). Here are the best in circulation, rap rarity bliss laced with crazy tape hiss.

Written by Chairman Mao. Read the article here.

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Having been in the game for close to two decades, the Brownsville Brooklyn native sits down with POUND to discuss his new book: The Common Knowledgy of the Entertainment Industry, the one person that influenced his career, a possible Bootcamp Clik reunion album, his time with the legendary Guru, and what he thinks is bullsh*t about the music business.

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RejectFFTICoverfinal 540x540 Reject Feat. Edo G   Dont Wanna Hear It

Produced By Teddy Roxpin.

Download: Reject Feat. Edo G – Don’t Wanna Hear It

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Arrested Development small 540x381 Arrested Development u lipnju u Hrvatskoj

Hip-hop legende Arrested Development po prvi puta nastupaju u regiji, a svoju turneju započinju 7. lipnja koncertom u zagrebačkom Aquariusu! Nakon Zagreba nastupit će u Ljubljani (8.lipnja), Rijeci (9.lipnja), Sarajevu (10.lipnja) te Beogradu (11.lipnja). Dvostruki dobitnici Grammyja od 1991. godine šire jedinstveni hip hop stil kojemu će i domaća publika napokon imati prilike svjedočiti uživo!

Informacije o cijeni ulaznica i prodajnim mjestima bit će dostupne sljedećeg tjedna.

Više o grupi Arrested Development pročitajte u nastavku posta.

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natedogg DJ Sket   Tribute To Nate Dogg (Mixtape)

Another Nate Dogg tribute mix, this time by DJ Sket.

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phillie aquarius 2 DJ Phat Phillie @ adidas is all in party (Beograd)

adidas is all in kampanja sutra stiže u Beograd. Središnji event starta u 20 h u Robnoj Kući Beograd (Terazije 15-23, Podzemni Prolaz).
Za gramofonima su Phat Phillie i Rea, a uz njih nastupaju i Recognize Crew. Više informacija saznajte o adidas is all in saznajte ovdje.

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Off the Wrath of Kane mixtape, produced by Lee Bannon, cuts from DJ Grazzhoppa.

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Snimka s velikog beogradskog koncerta grupe VIP.

Vezano: VIP & Struka – 1001 Plan (Live @ Dom Omladine, Beograd)

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booty friday this friday 540x277 Booty Friday w/ DJ Emilio Dalbello @ Gallery (Zagreb)

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