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SP1200 Jedi, Gensu Dean lays down the official remixes of the popular “Dice Game” album (produced by Apollo Brown). Drawing out new textures and angles from the raw and reflective Guilty Simpson verses, Gensu reveals uncanny dexterity with the legendary Hip-Hop production tool – the SP1200.



Young Buck just hopped on the recently released This Is Murder Not Music track.
Produced by Audible Doctor


That's Life Part II

Produced by Bink


Boli nas briga kaj ti je rap AKA Rahell, za nas si Bara.
Stiskao zvjezdicu u Wedge Hills Studio: Luka
Borrowed instrumental: Kurupt I didn’t Change



He was the crown prince of the Bling Era, a Svengali who turned his friend and partner Jay-Z into a superstar, signed Kanye West, and built a business empire that extended far beyond hip-hop. Then he split with Hova, and bit by bit, the mercurial mogul began to lose it all—his label, his wife, his homes, and the figurative shirt off his back. Today, as Jay-Z towers over the culture, the 42-year-old Dash insists he’s right where he wants to be: hustling and hungry.

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This is pretty rare material here, a freestyle session featuring Big Daddy Kane, Sir Ibu (of the Divine Force), and the Kings of Swing (a group featuring Suga K, Mike Master and DJ Cocoa Chanelle). They all go verse for verse while DJ Kevvy Kev is cutting up the instrumental for Ultramagnetic MC’s ‘Give the Drummer Some’ and Marley Marl calls the shots.

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The third single from Ty’s “Kick Snare & An Idea” series is upon us, bringing more new music, plus remixes from DJ Spinna, Lil’ Dave, Osage, Simon S & Baby Dooks. “Kick Snare & An Idea Part 3” is out on 20th January on Tru Thoughts.

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TRUE MASTERZ return with visuals off their 2012 project “The First Atom”.


The Atlanta MC drops some personal verses on this Bink-produced track from his forthcoming album All This Life Allows (ATLA).



Produced by Pete Cannon, off Maffew Ragazino’s Brownsville’s Jesus mixtape.

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