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 Earl Sweatshirt - Doris

Doris dropping August 20th.


Fredro Starr - Made In The Streets (Remix)

Produced by The Audible Doctor
From the “Made in the Streets” EP

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The Cigar Boys are a group of Cigar Enthusiast’s who have thrown networking events in the past and have decided to take it to the next level via music. If you would like to attend our Next Cigar Boys Networking Event simply send us your contact information. The next one is scheduled for August. At these events we like to Sip, Chill, Light and Puff, so it was a natural to call our first video that. Check it out!


just blaze

Justin Smith, better known as Just Blaze, shops for records at Good Records in Manhattan’s East Village. The shop is one of the last standing record stores in the city where Smith can still go to find samples for his music.

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krs-one budapest

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Photos by Filin Ilia


mc serch

Gas Face Friday
The Hip Hop Edition
Greetings to one and all. I hope this finds you well.
So Kendrick has set the rap game on its mic this week. I don’t remember a verse creating this much noise since Either and a rapper has not called out so many emcees since 50 Cent How To Rob.
Kendrick not only called out his contemporaries but did it on someone else record, and then called out the rapper on his own record. That’s why this week Gas Face Friday goes to…
Big Sean
Dude, how can you allow another dude to call you out on your own record? And what makes it worse is that you knew he was doing and did nothing?!? And then what makes it worse is that when asked why you didn’t change your verse you said that to change it would not have been “G”. Really?!?! So it’s G to get dissed on your own record? When did that become “G”?
Here is what is so not G? Not stepping up your verse. Not allowing yourself the opportunity to body that dude on your own track. Lets talk music business and step away from the emcee part
You Sean are having a tough time getting fans excited about your album. You have put out several singles that have gotten a mediocre response. So you figure that you will put out something that would create some buzz for your album. For YOUR album. But in the game of emcee you are only as good as your last verse and the guy who had the best verse was Kendrick. No one is talking about you. All the talk is about the verse Kendrick dropped but all the responses have been about the reply’s. Dude the first person who should have responded should have been you?!?
In one week Sean you broke so many G codes that you are barred from using the term for a year.
And did I mention that Sean is from Detroit?!?! Dude…..
That’s all I got. I am going to bed.


Directed by Johnie, Kozmetika Badel
Single za nadolazeći album Šampionat: Borba, frente, borba.


kendrick rs

“Since Kendrick Lamar’s atrocious and vicious delivery on Big Sean’s “Control” hit the world on Monday (Aug. 12), a myriad of responses have come out the woodwork. Even Knicks baller Iman Shumpert and comedian Kevin Hart had to spit a response to K. Dot’s self-proclamation of the “King of NY.” Wrapping up this hip-hop recharged week, VIBE ranks the worst and the best responses (still waiting for return fire from Fab and Joe Budden!).” —Andrew Asare

Click HERE to see the list.

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pr9 piratski radio 9

PR9 (Popay MC, Target i Inkognito Popara) imaju 9 demo stvari koje su zapakirali u jedan materijal koji možete OVDJE preuzeti.


Nardwuar interviews Hudson Mohawke at Shine in Vancouver, BC Canada !