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The Godfathers (Kool G Rap & Necro)- Once Upon A Crime

The Godfather’s (Kool G Rap & Necro) will release their collaborative project, “Once Upon A Crime” on 11-19-2013 and it will be released on RBC/Psycho+Logical-Records.


Dijelimo dva puta po jednu ulaznicu za večerašnji koncert grupe Smif-N-Wessun u Tvornici Kulture.
Nagradno pitanje glasi: u kojem klubu se održao legendarni Blackout 007 koncert 2000. godine?

Vaše odgovore, zajedno s imenom i prezimenom šaljite na adresu

UPDATE: Točan odgovor je bio Tvornica Kulture, isto mjesto gdje i večeras slavimo 20 godina! Pobjednici su obaviješteni putem e-maila, ostalima više sreće idući put.

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smif n wessun zagreb

Smif-N-Wessun arrived in Zagreb this afternoon. Check out other photos after the jump and Steel’s tweet below.

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rolling stone blackout smif n wessun

Provjerite članak o 20. obljetnici Blackouta u drugom broju časopisa Rolling Stone.

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U srijedu 20. studenog pozivamo sve zauzete i slobodne cure da nam se pridruže na „Ladies First“ večeri, a specijalne gošće dvije su zagrebačke DJ-ice Ela i Rea. Svojim Ladies dj set izborom na HOT LEMONade flooru rasplesat će nas glavna urednica magazina Rolling Stone, Ela Radić. Na THE BASEment flooru potporu DJ Phat Phillie-iju dati će voditeljica radio 808, DJ Rea.

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We all have heard the legendary stories about how Hip Hop was born and rose in the streets of New York City. New York City is the Mecca of Hip Hop and held its dominance from the very beginning until the early Millennium; when the grip began to loosen and the South and other regions took the reign.
What’s the problem with New York Hip Hop?

In this film, we’re highlighting the current state of New York Hip Hop in addition to reflecting on the past years, following a post millennial timeline (2000-2013) and the journey we’ve taken to get here today. We explore how and when New York took a turn and lost it’s dominance/attention, the major artists and key players who helped to uphold New York’s presence in the game.

Who’s next? What’s next?

We’ll also be focusing on the recent re-emergence of new artists coming out of the city and their new unique sound and style. Artists, producers, journalists, personalities and hip hop enthusiasts alike share their insight and discuss new ways to not only re-gain our dominance but to sustain it as well.


Novi EP Bvane & Raste, dostupan za streaming putem Bassivity kanala.



Here’s Jhené Aiko’s contribution to Solange Knowles’ compilation project, Saint Heron.


Legendary Japanese streetwear pioneers, A Bathing Ape have been holding it down for years being one of the leading game changers in fashion and always being in tuned with the streets as well as being very supportive of the hip hop community. The brand celebrates their 20th anniversary dropping off a video timeline displaying their evolution throughout each era, from the late great Notorious B.I.G rocking the iconic camo-jacket, to the labels many collaborations and business ventures.
Get a quick 20 year history lesson on BAPE with some testimonial from close friends of the brand such as Snoop Lion, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and Linkin Park.



Arguably one of the most attractive collaborations so far in 2013, artists Disclosure, Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers and Jimmy Napes have surprisingly joined forces for a short, but incredibly moving new offering. With each act proving to be a menace in their own right in recent times, the world is provided with a taste of their progressive sounds on “Together,” merging a pulsating experience of electronic music with an increasingly popular edge of R&B music, with the final product proving to be as funky as you would dream of.