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New York’s international graffiti mecca 5 Pointz was erased overnight when the paintings were buffed over on the orders of the property’s owners.
The five-story warehouse complex in Queens, which has hosted a curated selection of graffiti since 2002, was a popular gathering place for art fans; its murals were a familiar sight to New York subway passengers as they passed through the Long Island City neighborhood. But in August, city officials granted Jerry and David Wolkoff, who own the building, permission to demolish the site.
The surprise overnight whitewash brought condemnation from artists, fans and volunteers who had gathered at the spot on Tuesday, many in tears.
“What’s super disrespectful is that the whole thing about 5 Pointz is: it’s legal painting,” said 5 Pointz volunteer Rebekah Kennedy. “For someone to come in and wash it away … that’s the biggest vandal.”
She said that before the destruction, volunteers had been working on a way to preserve the art or the building as a landmark. “To just take it away is the biggest ‘fuck you’ that can happen,” Kennedy said.

In pictures: 5 Pointz before and after the whitewash


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FUNKDOOBIEST arrived in Europe and they will start their 20th anniversary tour in Leuven, Belgium tonight.

This year Funkdoobiest are celebrating 20 years since the release of their classic debut album “Which Doobie U B?”. Son Doobie, the original member and main figure of Funkdoobiest, is planning to celebrate by touring Europe. He is bringing with him the 2 people responsible for introducing him to the Rap game. His brothers and mentors Brett and Sean Bouldin to present Funkdoobiest.


From the album Roll Wit Dis. Song produced by DJ Dister, cuts by Ill-O.


rnb exclusive 2

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Off Term’s upcoming mixtape, with a video coming soon as well.

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Documenting more than 400 pairs of sneakers in a highly illustrated, chronological format, Bobbito Garcia’s Where’d You Get Those? is finally back in print, in an expanded 10th Anniversary edition. Dozens of subsequent sneaker books have come and gone, but none have come close to attracting the readership and attention this book has received. For example, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offers a class — Sneakerology 101 — that uses Where’d You Get Those? as its textbook. Updates to the 10th Anniversary edition include new sneakers as well as a foreword, introduction and afterword. Currently available for pre-order on Amazon, the hardcover will be available beginning November 30.

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DIRTY BEATZ otvaranje sezone w. TREO (Freak, Bad Taste Recordings, RS)

Kako će poznati zagrebački prljavci otvorit sezonu 2013/2014 nego onako kako priliči samom njihovom imenu? Prljavo. Iako usmjereni tome da u nadolazećoj sezoni zadovolje glazbene ukuse i onih koji vole laganiji i melodičniji drum&bass, ipak počinju onako kako najbolje znaju, a to je oštrim, žestokim i masnim drum&bass zvukom. Tom prilikom dovode mračnog drum&bass majstora iz susjedne nam Srbije/Beograda, TREA, dj-a i producenta čiju su produkciju podržali i vrtili velikani poput: Cause4Concern, Chris.Su, Jade, Ed Rush, Blokhe4d, Maldini itd. Uz njega, na stage se penje i Dirty Beatz crew u svojoj gotovo pa punoj dj postavi: Kula, Leeks & Tekitoka. Pripremite se na energijom nabijen Grey Room koji će ovom prilikom vibrirat posebno unajmljenim soundom, kako bi vam pružili potpuni doživljaj ove večeri. Tako da ne brinite, bass-a neće nedostajati. A bome ni drum-a.

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Nagradna igra:
Osoba koja se prva sa svojim imenom i prezimenom javi na osvaja besplatan upad u subotu.


schoolboy q

Produced By Nez & Rio. Oxymoron coming soon.


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Awkword f/ Joell Ortiz, Slug (of Atmosphere) & Maya Azucena - "Go!"

Listen to Awkword newest track Go!, featuring Joell, Slug and Maya.