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Here DJ Nu Mark ties a fucking string to a 1200 and guitar picks it to death! Shit is amazing. Nu Mark sheds some light on his love for the art form and is the one person in this series that went from producing to DJ-ing unlike most others that start of a DJ’s. The tables keep turnin’…

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Via SM.

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The Kanye West produced cut from Cons’ new mixtape Movies On Demand 3, dropping later today. Download the song here.

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GBC Dirty Get Busy Committee Feat. Cliquo Nico   Dirty

Scoop Deville, Apathy & Ryu aka Get Busy Committee are back with a new single from their upcoming project Opening Ceremony.


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Cormega explains why Large Pro is the best producer he’s ever worked with.
Hit continue reading to check the official artwork & press release for Mega’s oft-delayed, but long-awaited 2-disc September 27th release.

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From Troy’s upcoming album Bricks In My Backpack 2: Powder To The People!, out August 30th.


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1837e253ae51f5893e18421b7dd44bd3 Beat Junkies meet Da Beatminerz

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ChinoXL Nice Chino XL   N.I.C.E.

From Chino’s upcoming album The RICANstruction: The Black Rosary.
Purchase the track on iTunes.

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jay lenny Lenny Kravitz Feat. Jay Z & DJ Military   Boongie Drop

Lenny Kravitz collaborated with Jay-Z once again, this time for a track off his new album Black & White America which hits stores on August 30th.

Bonus: Lenny Kravitz Feat. Drake – Sunflower

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pharrell hooks lead 540x348 The 25 Best Pharrell Hooks

Pharrell has been one of popular music’s premier producers for the past decade, and he’s still absolutely relevant. In the past month alone, he’s made headlines for starting the boutique label I Am Other, launching Qream Liqueur, joining Twitter, and raking in $10 million last year (according to Forbes). Still, we haven’t forgotten what he does best: music. More specifically, choruses. Hooks. The catchy part of the song that everyone loves. We combed through P’s catalog and pitted his greatest ones against each other. These are The 25 Best Pharrell Hooks.

Go here to check Complex’ selection.

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