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Back in 2010 I received a recording of a TJ Swan demo recorded from Tim Westwood‘s show in 1988 titled “Mellow Love”, although someone claiming to be affiliated with Swan then contacted me and demand that I remove the track on the grounds that: “This was a practice session. Swan wrote and sang the song to get a feel for it”. He also claimed that a bunch of TJ Swan music was about to drop, but three years later we’re still waiting.

In the meantime, Rap Blog Godd noz recently blessed me with a few more cuts which may have been intended for Have No Fear Swan Is Here. or are simply more “practice sessions”. The first track, “Sensitive Love” features Swan flexing his microphone techniques and busting some rhymes, while “Love Is Blind” is more of an uptempo number on the Al. B Sure tip. Was Marley Marl involved with these tracks? Are they finished LP cuts or just demos? Sadly, there’s also no sign of the lost Big Daddy Kane/MC Shan cameos that I hoped for…

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Fresh Island is proud to announce a new partnership with Ziggi Rolling Papers, which will bring a whole new flavor of freshness to our festival!

Ziggi Custom Edition papers have made many festival visitors happy around the globe. Ziggi™ is proud to support young artists, athletes and musicians. Being aware of cultural importance in today’s society, Ziggi is trying to bring it closer to young and old through its channels.

For a number of years they have held a strong presence on domestic and foreign markets. The Ziggi lion is displayed on posters of large concerts of famous domestic and foreign bands and also on fliers and invitations to smaller, but well-covered events of artistic groups, sports and cultural organisations. You will find them in reggae, hip-hop, ska, dub, rock, punk, and pop.

For more information on the Ziggi brand, visit their official website.

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In this episode, Kid Capri talks about funk and soul roots, his love of James Brown and Michael Jackson, and shows us the first record he bought in 6th grade — when he was known as Poochie.



When a 17-year-old Jaime Meline took on the name El-P and formed Company Flow with Mr. Len and Bigg Jus, he hardly could have known that he was going to change the hip hop game forever. But that’s exactly what they did, introducing bracing production and rhyme styles that have been a massive influence on the generations of hip hop that came after. After he helped to define indie hip hop in the ’90s, El-P went ahead and did it again when he started Def Jux, an imprint that brought Cannibal Ox, Aesop Rock, and RJD2 to the world. That’s not even mentioning El-P himself, who has released a number of solo albums and provided production for the likes of Alec Empire, Killer Mike, and Trent Reznor. Always independent, always looking to the future, El-P’s story is far from finished.

Watch the lecture here.


New music video, shot in Mitchell’s Plain South Africa, from Pharoahe Monch off his ‘W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)’ album, out now.


Off Skyzoo’s A Dream Deferred album, out now.


Download the track here.

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Video directed by Alex Winn. Following up on his April release, Kick Snare And An Idea Pt.1, this single will appear on Kick Snare And An Idea Pt. 2, which drops June 10th via Tru Thoughts.

Via OKP.



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U današnjem izdanju Jutarnjeg lista izašao je opsežni intervju sa Snoopom u kojem najavljuje svoj dolazak na Fresh Island festival!
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