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PROJECT 035 je tuzlanski festival urbane kulture.
Mnogi su upoznati sa Hip Hop Campom. Iz tog festivala je izrastao ovaj na način da će Hip Hop Camp proširiti svoje vidike na ostale žanrove, te je promjena imena bila potrebna. Sve u svemu, u većem dijelu će zadršati Hip Hop kulturu. Svake godine se organizira preko ljeta u gradu Hip Hop kulture, Tuzli (BiH).


KopajOVO! #6
4. rođendan radio emisije Smeđi Šećer
DJ Udo Brenner (Zeleno Sonce, LJ)
DJ Bakto (Code.EP, Tetkine radosti, LJ)
gdin. Smeđi Šećer (KO!)
DJ Jopa (KO!)

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From Professor P & DJ Akilles‘ album The Realism. Video directed by Rikard Lindberg.


Koolade Beats Rocky

Two months ago Koolade & launched a competition where the Croatian super producer gave artists worldwide a chance to add their flow to instrumentals from his album Koolade Beats Rocky. Now, after thoroughly reviewing songs from all of the artists who applied, both regional and international winners have been chosen:

International category winner: NIAMSON (USA)

Official Site


Regional category winners: JAY LEE (ZAGREB, CROATIA) & KONTRA (SARAJEVO, BIH)





Blackout Hip Hop would like to congratulate the winners and give thanks to everyone who participated in the competition. Both international & regional winners will all receive a beat from Koolade which they will be able to use in their upcoming projects.


Words from Koolade:

Thanks to everybody tryin to make this Koolade Beats Rocky experience more interesting! Thanks for all yur submissions! There’s been about a 50 of em from the Balkans region, Europe and the US. Listenin to all of em, we decided to split the contest in two categories.
The winner in the international category is a rapper and producer from NY called Niamson. His track Cruise Undercover is a definite winner! The vibe, the hook, the verses, it all comes so good together and makes it a dope song. The story dont end until the last unexpected verse comes in to resolve it. All in all, a vibed out, feelgood track that has everything that would make me put my name on it!
The local category ended up havin two winners!! Jay Lee “Prvi na redu” and Kontra “Izgasi”. Since we couldn’t decide on the winner, we let em split the throne. Jay Lee just sits on the track so well, and gives it a dope vibe. The hook is crazy and resonates with the beat so well! As a producer i appreciate this very much! Here and there, it could be a bit better lyrically, but the fun attitude makes you dont mind that at all. All in all the track got a strong drive, which makes it a great track I would spin in my sets. That classic rap!!
Kontra on the other hand kills with his lucid battle lyricism! You just gotta love his attitude! Just like any of the winners, he complements the beat, makin it a great track! I respect to hear a demo not sounding like a demo, but as something you would hear on an album for example. There were more of you with great demos, cool concepts, sharp lyrics, than just these three, but these were the ones I fell for!
Thanks again to everybody makin this project happen! And the demos you made, you are absolutely free to use em for your own promotional purposes. Share em, perform them, put em on YT, Soundcloud… whatever! I dont care, as long as you “keep my name” on it.
Hope you enjoyed rockin to my beats!


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Masta Ace gives a shout out to Fresh Island Festival.


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Rokaj Fest, na veliku žalost organizacijskog tima, neće se održati u predviđenom obliku i s najavljenim line up-om. Nezadovoljavajuća prodaja ulaznica uzrokovana, očito, teškom financijskom situacijom u zemlji dovela je do otkazivanja postojećeg koncepta festivala.

Detaljnije informacije o novom konceptu festivala koji će se održati na novoj lokaciji potražite u nastavku posta.

Share released snippets from the upcoming masta Ace & MF Doom collabo album, Son of Yvonne.

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Footage of Biggie and pal Jay-Z performing Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Get Money together at Uncle Ralph’s birthday party in 1996 shortly before Jay dropped his classic debut album, Reasonable Doubt.