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royce em alc Royce Da 59 Talks Success Is Certain, Delusional Canibus & Writing For Detox
In discussion with HipHopDX, Royce reveals the concept of his upcoming solo LP Success Is Certain, the producers on the album, working with Eminem, Slaughterhouse album and more.

“That’s my last independent album, And [then] I’m a free agent. So, after I put that out, I’ma start cuttin’ randomly, and, you know, hopefully I can find a home. Street Hop was just beats and rhymes. This album, it’s called Success is Certain, and it’s basically the [opposing] album to Death is Certain. ‘Cause in theory, I feel like I’m in the exact opposite position in my career that I was in at that time. And that’s all I could think to rap about back then because of what I was going through. So now, I feel a little more successful, so I’m kinda rappin’ about that. The album is speaking on triumph, overcoming adversity, defying the odds, and just talking about success. And, speaking on everything that I went through to get to this point. It’s got the same darkness as Death is Certain. But the content is brighter. No Pop beats.”

Producers on the album which is scheduled to drop July 26th include DJ Premier, Mr. Porter, Nottz, Streetrunner, The Futuristics and Alchemist.

Royce on writing for Dre’s Detox:

“I did a few things, I laid down a few ideas. I don’t know what Dre’s using, because he has so much stuff. And its basically gonna be whatever direction that he decides that he’s gonna go. But, yeah, he reached out to me and I did a few things. I didn’t write like a whole bunch of shit, but I did some things. I did what he asked me to do.”

Read the whole thing here.

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Lloyd Banks freestyles on Funx Flex’s Full Throttle.

Tnx to Nigel D.

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FeedOffRap shot this exclusive footage of Jadakiss performing his classic verses from ‘New York’, ‘Made You Look Remix’ and ‘Mighty D-Block’ at Club LAX in Orlando, FL.

Via UE.

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Treći dio videografije Busta Rhymesa. Još je manje od tjedan dana ostalo do koncerta, stoga požurite s kupovinom ulaznica ako to već niste obavili! U nastavku posta provjerite ostatak spotova.

Prijašnje dijelove Bustine videografije provjerite ovdje & ovdje.

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lc2439292af474b6a9f5b1c MC Eiht   Where U Goin 2?

The video came out in March, now here’s the mp3 for MC Eiht’s latest single from his forthcoming album Which Way Iz West. Produced by Brenk Sinatra.

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AXE Excite RnB EXCLUSIVE Front DJ Bizzo @ AXE Excite RnB Exclusive (Terminal, Rijeka)

Prošlogodnji spoj AXE mirisa i popularnog riječkog programa R’n’B EXCLUSIVE pokazao se kao pun pogodak u Terminal Clubu.

U petak 13.05.2011 anđeoski AXE Excite i R’n’B EXCLUSIVE pripremili su zavodljivi party u Terminalu. Očekuju Vas AXE anđelice i plesačice, zavodljiva nagradna igra i iznenađenja, te najbolji klupski R’n’B hitovi koje biraju Dj Bizzo iz renomirane hip hop grupe Bolesna Braća i Dj Jericho rezident R’n’B EXCLUSIVE partya. Već tradicionalno dio AXE ekipe je i Mario Petreković, poznati TV voditelj i showman koji će Vas dodatno zabaviti i nasmijati.

Ovo je ujedno posljednji R’n’B EXCLUSIVE ove sezone u klubu Terminal, nakon čega zabavu selimo na ljetne destinacije, klub Colloseum u Opatiji i u Club Jungle na Krku.


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fc2cb6630d9139 1.jpg Sadat X   Put Ya Self On

Produced by Politiks.

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EDO G FINAL FRONT2 540x540 Edo G Feat. M1 (dead prez)   Speak Your Mind

Produced by Statik Selektah. Edo’s new album A Face In The Crowd will be out on May 17th.

Previous: Edo G – Fastlane

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03 vladavina prijevarom cd Imperium Deceptus   Vladavina Prijevarom

Imperium Deceptus je grupa koju čine 4 zagrebačka MC-a Bendicod, Ronny, Playmaker i Pendrek. Ovo je njihov album naziva Vladavina Prijevarom.
Detaljnije informacije o albumu i download link potražite u nastavku posta.

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recto 600x600 540x540 DJ Just Dizle   90s R&B Classics #7

Just Dizle’s latest mixtape, tracklist & download link after the cut.

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