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A memorial service for Bronx, N.Y., rapper Tim Dog has been scheduled for March 8 in Harlem, reports
The observance will take place at Glendale Baptist Church from 6 to 10 p.m. ET. It’s expected that hundreds of New York rappers, as well as family and friends, will be in attendance to remember the late hip-hop artist.
Tim Dog (real name Timothy Blair) died on Valentine’s Day at the age of 46. He suffered from a seizure associated with his diabetes.


posse cut

Competition is at the heart of hip-hop, an art form where each rapper wants to be better than the next. And there was never a better opportunity for a rapper to prove his or her worth than the posse cut, which is all about strategizing the freshest way to stand apart.

The rare few would come to single-handedly define a track—think Nicki Minaj on “Monster.” Others would be content to play their roles and defer to the track’s bigger stars. Then there were those rappers who complemented each other perfectly, playing off each other’s strengths. And sometimes…well, some guys would just flop.

We defined a posse cut as a collaborative track between at least four rappers, and bringing together at least two acts (so A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problems” doesn’t make it, because it has only three rapped verses, and Wu-Tang’s “Protect Ya Neck” wouldn’t qualify because they’re all part of the same group).

But ultimately, what defines a posse cut is the spirit of competition: The sense that each rapper has a burning desire to earn their spot and make a breakout performance (like Nas on “Live at the BBQ”) or to completely dominate the track (like Mystikal on “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!”).

So without further ado, here are The 25 Best Posse Cuts in Rap History.

Check the list here. Similar choices as this list from a few years ago.


Napoleon Da Legend slings lyrical gems alongside Brownsville legend Sean P for “Wise Men” produced by DUS. This is the first single off his upcoming full length album “Awakening”, featuring the likes of Raekwon and Spit Gemz.

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durag dinasty

With their debut project 360 Waves set to be released on March 26th, new West Coast supergroup Durag Dynasty is unveiling the album’s artwork and tracklist. Group members Planet Asia, Tristate, and Killer Ben are also debuting the new single “Spiral Event”, featuring Evidence of Dilated Peoples. 360 Waves is produced entirely by The Alchemist, and also features appearances from Prodigy, Chace Infinite, Phil The Agony, and more.

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Off Project Pat’s mixtape Cheez N Dope, which features production by a young Croatian producer Gezin Beats.



Film Ivana Vukovića Hram, koji je izašao prošlog ljeta, doživjet će i svoju festivalsku premijeru na ovogodišnjem Zagrebdoxu.

U subotu 2.3.2013. u 19 sati u Dvorani 3 Cineplexxa Kaptol Centar u sklopu ZagrebDoxa prikazuje se dokumentarac o hramu domaće bboy sceni redatelja Ivana Vukovića.

Hram je dokumentarni film o jednom mjestu u Zagrebu koje je većini svojih posjetitelja samo stari prolaz. No tu je i mala skupina mladih uličnih plesača koji doživljavaju to mjesto kao Hram plesa. Različite su dobi, žive u različitim dijelovima grada i različitog su podrijetla, ali dijele istu strast i ljubav prema tom mjestu.

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Povratnički singl i spot grupe Bad Copy.


Produced by Rasheed Young & Ryan Biazon. Video directed by Rik Cordero.
Download the track here.

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