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Idućeg utorka, 30.4., Big Daddy Kane po prvi puta nastupa u Zagrebu! Klubu Pepermint i program kazich ugostiti će ovog legendarnog MC-a uz podršku DJ-a Phat Philliea i Bizze Bodege!
Ulaznice po cijeni od 80 kn još uvijek možete kupiti u klubu Pepermint i Smart Shopu (Tkalčićeva 12).
Na dan koncerta cijena ulaznice će iznositi 100 kn.


30 most lyrical songs

“Rap isn’t lyrical any more.” You hear it enough that it becomes an ugly kind of common sense. It becomes received wisdom, taken as truth: It’s 2013, and rappers are gimmicky. Personality has won out over bars.

This list is an argument that lyricism is still very much a part of rap music. As hip-hop’s audience has expanded, the rules of what makes a rapper “lyrical” have broadened as well. A fan of Southern street rap might have a different idea of “lyrical” than a fan of underground hero Tech N9ne, who in turn has different values than a traditionalist from New York. The one constant: an artfulness to how each rapper creates his work.

Sure, “lyrical” can be misused in hip-hop, ascribed to the dry technical aspects of MCing. At its worst, calling a rapper “lyrical” makes their art sound more like a math problem. But the term is still useful, because it distinguishes hip-hop from pop music more broadly.

That doesn’t mean that rap artists who subvert, mutate, or even undermine that tradition are less hip-hop, or that they don’t make good music. In fact, it’s their relationship with the “lyrical” that makes “lyrical” something even worth discussing in the first place.

The best rappers, whatever their relationship to “lyrical” rap, make verses that have you hanging on every word, punchline, narrative, image, and/or bit of knowledge. We’ve taken a look at the last half decade of hip-hop to figure out what “lyrical” rap looks like in 2013. These are The 30 Most Lyrical Rap Songs of the Past 5 Years.

Click here to see who made it in the top 30.

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Watch Talib Kweli’s trip through South Africa on his self-directed music video “High Life,” off ‘Prisoner of Conscious’ out May 7th.



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For over 25 years emcee and writer Big Daddy Kane has become a staple in the great annals of hip-hop giving the world such hits as “Raw,” “Ain’t No Half Steppin'”,”Smooth Operator,” and “I Get the Job Done.” The Brooklyn, New York native was part of the legendary Juice Crew formed by the legendary Mr. Magic and producer Marley Marl which introduced a cadre of lyricists that would become a insturmental part of rap that included Roxanne Shante, Kool G. Rap, Biz Markie, and Masta Ace.
Throughtout Kane’s long career he’s been blessed to collaborate and perform with the likes of Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley, and Patti LaBelle just to name a few.
Currently, Kane collaborated with the Get Lifted Crew featuring soul vocalist Show Tyme in a project called Las Supper which is doing well on the charts. Kane and Show Tyme are bringing back the classic elements of hip-hop and soul music that are lacking in many of today’s artists and in commercial music. Las Supper’s CD “Back To The Future” really is a fresh and innovative approach of where music should be going, from and love and respect perspective.

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Mister Cee brings us back to some R&B classics with this week’s Best Of Tuesdays mix.

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bad copy

Novi album grupe Bad Copy koji je prošlog tjedna izašao u streaming formatu, od sad možete besplatno preuzeti ovdje.


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