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Doggumentary March 2011 450x4502 Snoop Dogg   Raised In The Hood

The latest installment in the #PuffPuffPassTuesdays series.

Download: Snoop Dogg – Raised In The Hood

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nigo beijing bape store beijing opening Hong Kongs I.T Set To Buy Japans BAPE Brand

I can’t say many of us weren’t taken off guard last year when the A Bathing Ape store closed in L.A. It hadn’t been open for more than 2 years, and then suddenly it vanished. Although not necessarily a pioneer of the streetwear movement, but undoubtedly a catalyst, Bape’s presence and impact have reverberated throughout young men’s fashion for the past decade and a half. The all-over-print hoodies, the trademark camo, Bape STA sneakers,.. they all amounted to a hype-fueled limited-edition craze, as evidenced by their impressive store lineups and the celebrities who pimped the apparel.

This news started making the rounds yesterday night, but apparently I.T. (speaking of Hong Kong) has bought Nigo’s label for $2.8 Million. That number doesn’t exactly add up, perhaps there were debts to pay, who knows really.. but I think it’s a significant bookend to a longstanding legacy. What does this mean for streetwear, and what does it mean for the direction of limited-edition menswear? Furthermore, the fact that a Chinese company has swallowed up a Japanese brand is also a telling message as to where the global economy and marketplace stand.

You can find out more information about the sale in an article on the Wall Street Journal.


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Classic! Big L & O.C. freestyle @ Blackout Rap Show Zagreb, Croatia. The year was 1997, and Big L along with O.C. preformed in Zagreb at club Aquarius. This is a freestyle session over the EPMD track Da Joint recorded live on the Blackout Rap Show, hosted by Phat Phillie.


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Actually this 6-minute mix is called Sucker DJ Can’ Rockit Cuz It’s Hard When The Rhythm Hit Em.
Watch & enjoy.

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This is a segment from the 83 BBC documentary Beat This: A hip hop history featuring legendary producer Malcolm McLaren and Godfather of Hip Hop Clive Campbell aka DJ Kool Herc speaking on the early days of Hip Hop.
As far as Kool Herc’s current health condition, things are looking better – it seems that his medical bills are being handled.

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Bilal 1 1018x1024 Bilal   The Dollar (Black Milk Remix)

This remix has been in the works for quite some time. Bilal is a mysterious dude. You never know what might or might not move him. Same goes for Black Milk. These guys move at their own pace and at their own times. Luckily for us, the music gods have been with us on this Airtight journey. Initially, upon listening to the roughs of the album, “The Dollar” was one of the tracks that led Plug Research to sign Bilal. We are happy to see it given a second breath through this new and awesome interpretation.

Download: Bilal – The Dollar (Black Milk Remix)

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a 168692 11215092122 Larry O Feat. Bun B, Starzz & Goon   Game Aint Over

Produced by Nycko.

Download: Larry O Feat. Bun B, Starzz & Goon – Game Ain’t Over

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masta ace hq Masta Aces 24 Most Overlooked MCs Of All Time


by Masta Ace

Those of us who consider ourselves to be true hip-hop fans have at some point engaged in a spirited discussion with our friends about who might be the best rapper. The discussion inevitably escalates to a heated argument as we each try to make our point on why a certain artist deserves or doesn’t deserve to be mentioned. Inevitably, there are some names that almost never get mentioned in these debates. For whatever reason, these artists get overlooked by the masses of hip-hop fans despite their overwhelming talents and ability.

I have been asked to compile a list of the most overlooked MCs in the game, the cats that rarely get mentioned in discussions of who is “the best.” It seems appropriate that I was chosen to write this piece since in many people’s minds, and my own I suppose, I myself fit into this category. It also is fitting that this section was chosen to be the afterword of this book since these MCs have gone through their careers being an afterthought in the minds of most hip-hop fans.

Here are, in my opinion, 24 of the most overlooked MCs in hip-hop history. The list is based on lyrical talent and not song making or record sales. Their talent is undeniable but their lyrical significance has been overlooked.

Hit continue reading to find out who are the 24 MC’s Ace is talking about.

Via Mickey Hess.

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Lupe gets a little assist from Skylar Grey on the hook for his Alex Da Kid-produced second single from Lasers. Mark your calendars, March 8th.

UPDATE: Download link after the jump.

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game purp and patron the hangover 450x450 Game – The Hangover (Mixtape)

After all that Purp & Patron we get The Hangover. Jayceon and DJ Skee drop another 15 tracks for a free download. Continue reading this post.

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