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Saigon RIOC Rap Is Outta Control Podcast (30.1.2011.)

Saigon came through “RIOC” this past Sunday to talk about the long awaited release of The Greatest Story Never Told which comes out on the 15th. Hit continue reading for the download links to hear that interview as well as a lot of new music.
Also after the cut you can check out a video clip of when Larry O (Real Live) & A-Butta (Natural Elements) were up on “Rap Is Outta Control”.

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cormega Cormega   Journey (Revelations Remix)

Mega teams up with live band The Revelations for a remix of his last single.

Download: Cormega – Journey (Revelations Remix)

Via ICE.

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dj quik love of my life DJ Quik Feat. Gift Reynolds   Luv Of My Life

DJ Quik introduces his newest artist Gift Reynolds for this brand new leak entitled “Luv Of My Life,” which will appear on the West Coast legend’s forthcoming CD The Book of David arriving on the official ganja day, April 20th.

Download: DJ Quik Feat. Gift Reynolds – Luv Of My Life

Via YKD.

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ag x dave wilson im a beast pic A.G. (of D.I.T.C.)   Im A Beast

Produced by Mike The Martyr.

Download: A.G. (of D.I.T.C.) – I’m A Beast

Via Check The Blog.

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Doggumentary March 2011 450x4502 Snoop Dogg   Raised In The Hood

The latest installment in the #PuffPuffPassTuesdays series.

Download: Snoop Dogg – Raised In The Hood

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nigo beijing bape store beijing opening Hong Kongs I.T Set To Buy Japans BAPE Brand

I can’t say many of us weren’t taken off guard last year when the A Bathing Ape store closed in L.A. It hadn’t been open for more than 2 years, and then suddenly it vanished. Although not necessarily a pioneer of the streetwear movement, but undoubtedly a catalyst, Bape’s presence and impact have reverberated throughout young men’s fashion for the past decade and a half. The all-over-print hoodies, the trademark camo, Bape STA sneakers,.. they all amounted to a hype-fueled limited-edition craze, as evidenced by their impressive store lineups and the celebrities who pimped the apparel.

This news started making the rounds yesterday night, but apparently I.T. (speaking of Hong Kong) has bought Nigo’s label for $2.8 Million. That number doesn’t exactly add up, perhaps there were debts to pay, who knows really.. but I think it’s a significant bookend to a longstanding legacy. What does this mean for streetwear, and what does it mean for the direction of limited-edition menswear? Furthermore, the fact that a Chinese company has swallowed up a Japanese brand is also a telling message as to where the global economy and marketplace stand.

You can find out more information about the sale in an article on the Wall Street Journal.


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Classic! Big L & O.C. freestyle @ Blackout Rap Show Zagreb, Croatia. The year was 1997, and Big L along with O.C. preformed in Zagreb at club Aquarius. This is a freestyle session over the EPMD track Da Joint recorded live on the Blackout Rap Show, hosted by Phat Phillie.


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Actually this 6-minute mix is called Sucker DJ Can’ Rockit Cuz It’s Hard When The Rhythm Hit Em.
Watch & enjoy.

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This is a segment from the 83 BBC documentary Beat This: A hip hop history featuring legendary producer Malcolm McLaren and Godfather of Hip Hop Clive Campbell aka DJ Kool Herc speaking on the early days of Hip Hop.
As far as Kool Herc’s current health condition, things are looking better – it seems that his medical bills are being handled.

Via TDU.

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