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de la soul

De La Soul and the Wu-Tang Clan stand tall on any list of the most influential rap groups, and the former tapped into inspiration from the latter on their new track “Get Away (feat. the Spirit of the Wu).” Taking a different direction, the Long Island crew wraps words around a dark, spacey beat inspired by RZA’s cabal, giving the hip-hop pioneers a sinister soundscape with disorienting weight.

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common open letter


j dilla trucks

“Trucks” produced by J Dilla, mixed and mastered from the original 2-inch tape.
12-inch clear vinyl out now Pay Jay Productions, followed in 2013 by the long-lost album THE DIARY.


The TMZ crew ran into Meth and asked him a few questions about the movie How High 2. See what Meth has to say in the video above.


So we had all these Roots TV episodes lying around in a shoebox (dunks, natch) full of VHS tapes. If you were born in this millenium Roots TV was a documentary series that followed The Legendary Roots Crew on their globetrotting grind; rocking stages from Japan to Glastonbury, signing autographs and bringing the funk to pre-Gryffindor tour busses. Today we bring you episodes 1 through 4, originally released as a single VHS tape in 1998. Look for cameos from Common, Planet Asia, various guests at the infamous Black Lily jam sessions at Wetlands and the cowbell that will be played on “Double Trouble.” A special heads up: Episode 3 features studio sessions for the immortal “Step Into The Realm” jawn from Things Fall Apart.

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Povratnički album grupe Bad Copy, Krigle, biti će dostupan za preslušavanje na stranici od 19.4 do 3.5. Ovo je prvo izdanje Ajsa, Timbeta i Viklera još od 2006. godine i sadrži čak 22 pjesme.

Intervju koji su dali za stranicu Provera Mikrofona poslušajte i pogledajte u nastavku posta.

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koolade target woo

Skit iz 2009. koji nije prošao finalnu selekciju za istoimeni album.
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