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Check out a brand new single from Sean-Toure’ and his new single from yU from the Diamond District. This is off Sean’s album the Sound Channeler, the Invisible Man which is in stores now! The Baltimore based MC has had several dope singles and is continuing the buzz of a very dope album. New Video coming soon as well.


WE ARE AT WAR – so it was our pleasure to be joined at the front line by the general that is DJ Premier. Forever consistent, Premier breaks down the specifics of his many forthcoming projects and collaborations, including the much anticipated project The Kolexion with Bumpy Knuckle’s, which he reveals was initially suposed to feature a collaboration with DMX instead of Flavor Flav. Informative, interesting and exciting, we also discuss and explore upcoming work with the likes of Busta Rhymes, KRS-One, Vinnie Paz, Showbiz & A.G, Jeru The Damaja, 7L & Esoteric and Inspectah Deck, NYG’z and Rakim, Chris Brown and an album with M.O.P! Perhaps most interesting, however, just might be the revelation that he and Pete Rock are starting a new business called PVP (Pete VS. Premier). In addition, we touch on the status of his forthcoming album with Pete Rock, which originally was set to be a double CD with one CD representing mainstream and the other the underground, as well as his long awaited LP with Nas, which although on hold, he still plans on recording! A MUST HEAR INTERVIEW FOR ALL LOVERS OF HIP HOP!!

Obie Trice enters the show for the first time with Eminem stories, a renewed enthusiasm for music and more notably, a brand new album on the horizon in April 2012. Having suffered a long time away from music, Obie tells his story in a candid and frank manner, highlighting the ways in which he helped Eminem through his own battle with life. We talk Detox, with Obie claiming that the long-awaited Dr Dre album is as finished as almost being shrink-wrapped and just needs to be released. His own album features Dre, Eminem and a host of guest appearances, the creation of each track being relayed throughout this interview. Does he think songstress Adele is too fat? No and he would like to have slow sex with her.

A refreshingly optimistic and inspired Casey Veggies joins us to discuss the deluxe version of Sleeping In Class and his upcoming mixtape, of which he delivers for us an exclusive acapella in the form of one of its featured songs. The former Odd Future member tells of his relationship today with the group, revealing that he and the collective have work in vaults, as well as announcing that he and O.F. affiliate Frank Ocean have a song coming. In addition, we also talk his now infamous meeting last year with Jay-Z, future plans and much more! No sleeping, class is in session!

Joining us in the Conspiracy dojo, the master that is Planet Asia kicks down the door to discuss his upcoming album: Black Belt Theatre and it’s supporting feature film. Sporting a black belt, Planet Asia breaks down his creative approach, citing its influence deriving from a Saturday-afternoon TV show of the same name and Blaxploitation films, his reasons for the guests featured, as well as the visual and humourous elements executed throughout the project! In addition, we talk Camp Lo, Madlib and much more! Kick azz..

Diabolic has a fresh game face. With a new album almost complete and his own record label in rich development, hip hop’s pioneer of punchy put downs sounds fully charged as he heads into 2012. In this typically entertaining piece we discuss his time at Viper Records, including his relationship with friend Immortal Technique, the reason why he CHOSE to leave Viper Records and the many artists that he is in negotiations with to sign to his new record label. Diabolic need two more beats to finish off his album and he is opening up the chance for all producers to submit their beats for a track featuring Immortal Technique and another track with Vinnie Paz.What is Hardstyle hip hop?

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, a hungry Maffew Ragazino explains why the big apple is ready for a new empire state of mind, setting off the show to discuss his forthcoming projects, of which include the buzz heavy Rare Gems 2: Black Gold and a collaborative EP with Das-Racist, which will see Harry Fraud handling production duties. We also talk Senior’s business model behind his self-owned label Cash In Cash Out Records, visuals, the importance of DJ Clark Kent ‘s earlier encouragement, future collaborations and more in a rare gem of an interview. Fans of lyricism rejoice!


Mista Montana and Menace reveal news regarding the all new Conspiracy Worldwide Radio Phone App for iPhone, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry phones, with the quote “this is not just an app with CWR’s brand on it – this is a universal app for every aspect of the hip hop culture..”. The app will be available on Itunes App Store, Android App Market and through Conspiracy Worldwide Radio for Windows 7 and Blackberry devices.

Enjoy our sharing!

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Dva omiljena klupska brenda zagrepčana po prvi puta će ujediniti snage kako bi zajedno predstavili najbolje od r&b i hip-hop kulture u Zagrebu. Nakon skoro deset godina druženja, klupskih bajki i tuluma, Blackout i RNB Confusion odlučili su zagrebačkim clubberima ponuditi „jam“ za pamćenje. Dva floor-a i dvije pozornice na kojima će se predstaviti „artisti i DJ-i“, protagonisti ova dva popularna branda. Oba branda već godinama čine stupove te su nositelji r’n’b i hip-hop scene u Hrvatskoj, a svojom premijernom suradnjom okupit će svoje orginalne postave DJ-eva uz pratnju gostujućih MC-ija. Ova suradnja je ujedno i poziv svim pripadnicima, ljubiteljima i prijateljima ova dva branda, ali i R&B i Hip-Hop kulture da zajedno podrže događaj koji će mjesec ožujak pretvoriti u najplesniji klupski mjesec.

R’n’B floor pripast će ekipi RNB Confusion-a na kojem će se za DJ pultom izmjenjivati redom eminentna DJ imena ovog branda: OLI DOBOLLI, ZRNA, EM BEE i SHEKO uz goste iznenađenja. Od zavodljivog Montell Jordana, preko plesnog Justin Timberlake-a pa sve do klupskih bengera uz Chris Brown-a, ekipa RNB Confusion-a natjerat će Vas na ples do posljednje kapi znoja.

Hip-Hop floor će tako zauzeti postava BLACKOUT-a, pa će se tako na pozornici izmjenjivati legende Hip-Hop scene kao što su DJ-evi BIZZO BODEGA, PHAT PHILLIE, INDEPENDENT i gosti. Nakon dugo vremena, zajedno će povodom ove prilike za DJ pultom svirati Blackout DJ postava koja će zagrebačkoj publici predstaviti najbolje od HIP-HOP-a. Za sve ljubitelje hip-hop klasika, oldschool-a ali i novijih hip-hop numera biti će ovo „must be floor“ na kojem će drmati svoje glave i bokove.
Na propustite prvi okršaj hip-hop i r’n’b titana, prvi zajednički party klupskih legendi! U sklopu zajedničkog party-ija, oba će floor-a, u plesnom ritmu promovirati prvi regionalni hip-hop i r’n’b festival Fresh Island festival koji će se ovog ljeta, od 05. do 08. srpnja održati na plaži Zrće u klubovima Papaya i Aquarius. Najsretniji će osvojiti ulaznice za Fresh Island Festival.

ULAZ na prvi klupski jam dozvoljen je isključivo osobama starijim od 18 godina, a cijena ulaznice za Blackout vs. RNB Confusion iznosi simboličnih 19,90kn. Ulaznice se kupuju na dan i na ulazu u 5Reković Shock Show Industry (Radnička cesta 27, u krugu Katrana)


Na Facebooku je također u tijeku anketa u kojoj možete birati vaš omiljeni klupski program. Svoj glas dajte ovdje.


The music industry took a big hit yesterday afternoon when Whitney Houston passed away. Not even a day later, Twista pays tribute to the R&B legend with a new song, produced by The Legendary Traxter. Listen to it below.

Via Complex.


Here’s a lil’ treat! “Life is Great” Pos’ verse. Dave West on the beat. Figure we let a joint leak and add some visuals to it. For the fans who support all that we do, while waiting patiently for the De La album to drop.



Download: Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3.


Directed by Kenneth Price & produced by 9th Wonder, this is the official video for Phonte’s latest single from his album Charity Stays At Home.
Download the song here.


After Otis, here’s the second official video for The Throne’s monster single Niggas In Paris.


During a recent trip up to Sway’s show, E-Double speaks on his classic Marvin sampling solo record before performing it live on the air.
More interview footage and a performance of Gold Digger after the jump.

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