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What exactly was the moment when Dr. Dre went from being a rap producer to the all-seeing oracle of the hip-hop industry? The crucial transformation in a career of crucial transformations can be traced to Dre’s initial partnership with Eminem. In 1997, Dre was struggling to make Aftermath relevant following the massive cultural significance of his Death Row recordings. Now the papers were reporting that he was determined to break a blonde emcee from Detroit. It at first seemed ludicrous, the early sign of an unavoidable decline. It turned out to be just the opposite.

Dre’s endorsement of Eminem became the most successful bet of the producer’s life, surpassing even Straight Outta Compton and The Chronic, two of the most seminal and individualistic album-length statements in hip-hop history. In discovering, grooming and marketing Eminem (with the help of his industry shaker, Jimmy Iovine) Dre confirmed that he was in possession of powers beyond the musical. His work with Eminem led into the release of 2001, which renewed his creative license for a new generation and segued into his work with 50 Cent and Game.

Since that time, he has continued to make music but at a much slower rate than 10 or 15 years ago. His beats now feel expensive and important, and it’s sometimes easy to long for the days of “Let Me Ride,” when his music felt more organic and unselfconscious. However, his abilities as a beatmaker have long since been superseded by his presence as a tastemaker. Because of this, the expectations for his new music have gone skyward, and Dre has always made it his mission not only to meet but to exceed the public’s expectations of him.

Detox has become a mythically anticipated album not simply because of Dr. Dre’s production legacy but because he is now regarded as much more of a musical artist—he is a visionary, an artist-maestro who has transcended the stature previously occupied by Phil Spector. Even when he’s not doing anything he exerts more influence on rap music than producers who are active week to week. As we look back over a musical portfolio that spans almost 30 years, the predominant question asked by fans, peers, and industry insiders has shifted from “When will Dre drop his latest?” to “What would Dre do?”

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In the second installment of Marley Marl ‘Classic Recipes,’ he shows you how he produced “Eric B. Is President” in 1986, the debut single for legendary hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim. Marl talks about meeting Rakim for the first time and discusses the collaborative process with Eric B. that would yield one of the most influential hip hop tracks ever. “Eric B. Is President” combines a bassline from Fonda Rae’s bonafide 1982 club hit “Over Like a Fat Rat” and a beat from James Brown’s 1974 hit “Funky President.” Putting these two parts together was a bit tricky due to differences in tempo, but Marley resolved this problem by replaying the bassline with his trusty Casio CZ-101 keyboard instead of just sampling it.

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Snoop Lion is back with the second single off Reincarnated. Produced by Major Lazer, Ariel Rechtshaid and 6Blocc.

Bonus: Snoop also returned to his original roots with Vol. 1 of his new mixtape series with That Dogg Pound entitled That’s My Work. Snoop released some unreleased material with a few new joints. Here we get features from Kurupt and Daz obviously, with special appearances from Dom Kennedy, Soopafly, Hustle Boyz and more.
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For fans patiently waiting on Raekwon’s Lost Jewelry EP, Raekwon throws out a freebie for them to enjoy and hold them over until the new project drops. The feel-good records “86″ features Altrina Renee, as The Chef takes it back to the essence with the flow.
Produced by DJ Thoro.

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Zagrebački reperi Khan i Suky udružili su snage i snimili spot za pjesmu “Još samo jedan dan” koja će se također naći na njihovom istoimenom online EP izdanju. Za kameru i montažu kadrova zaslužan je mladi režiser Filip Vujić.


Reksona i Ikac su prošlog tjedna koncertom obilježili 10 godina od izlaska njihovog debitantskog albuma Ekipa Stigla. U video prilogu iznad pogledajte mali dio tog koncerta, a ovog petka grupu VIP možete provjeriti u Zagrebu u klubu Groove!

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Zebra Dots su na svom YouTube kanalu objavili interesantan “Making of “ video kojim otkrivaju detalje sa snimanja fotografije koja je, bez pretjeranih kozmetičkih post-zahvata, postala naslovnicom debitantskog albuma „Walking On A Chance“.

„Ta fotka je super, ona govori u prilog tome da i glazba koja se nalazi na albumu nema jeftinih produkcijskih trikova. Nema kozmetike i nekih specijalnih efekata. Većina pjesama je doslovce odsvirana uživo, bez previše editinga.“ – Koolade

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Sheek & Ghostface were guests on the latest episode of Juan Epstein on Hot 97, promoting their new album. Hit continue reading to watch the rest of the interview.


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You can find The Question on Lloyd’s new mixtape The Playboy Diaries Vol. 1, available for free download here.