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Soul Temple Records announces the release of Twelve Reasons To Die, the new album from Ghostface Killah and composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Adrian Younge on April 16. Twelve Reasons To Die is a brilliant and daring crime/horror concept album. This is the third release from Soul Temple Records, a company whose mission is to release quality music coupled with packages engaging multiple elements of the creative community.

Ghostface’s long-time Wu-Tang collaborator The RZA acts as executive producer on the groundbreaking album which melds the sounds of classic 36 Chambers-era RZA with Portishead, and the Italian film music of Ennio Morricone. The album will be available in various configurations including a standard CD, a deluxe double CD with instrumentals and a mini comic book, plus a digital deluxe version with instrumentals and digital comic book, multiple vinyl formats and a cassette. To visually flesh out the dark and gritty world of Twelve Reasons, Soul Temple Records has partnered with Black Mask Studios to produce a 6-issue comic book series and collected graphic novel featuring striking visuals and an intriguing dual-narrative structure with contributions from a host of stellar comic book artists.


Reincarnated film in select theaters March 15th
Reincarnated album & film available everywhere April 2013



When it comes time to get romantic, listening to hip-hop is probably not your first choice. R&B slow jams, sensitive rock ballads, smoothed-out jazz—anything but a dude yelling at you over a neck-snapping beat. If it’s a sex song, they got you. if it’s a pimpin’ players anthem, they got you. But a romantic love song? That’s some sucker shit.

Still, ever since LL Cool J hit pop radio with “I Need Love,” 24 years ago, a steady stream of rappers have tried their hand at the elusive “love song.” And from thug-love anthems to sensitive bohemian odes, a handful have actually done it well. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Complex compiled this countdown of our favorite love-themed raps. Light up the incense, cuddle up to shorty wop and press play on the 25 Best Hip-Hop Love Songs.

Check the list here.

And if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day, this list is more for you: Ten Rap Ballads That Will Make You Stab Yourself In The Face With A Broken Bottle


DJ Phat Phillie i Blackout ugostili su Inkognita Poparu sa novim albumom INK.

Vezano: Provjerite i Inkov intervju za portal



K-Def previews his forthcoming One Man Band LP, with “Touching Realness” – a very cool instrumental remake of fellow Jersey-ite Miilkbone’s “Keep It Real” (a/k/a the beat Big L and Jay-Z blessed together on Stretch & Bobbito back in the day). K’s remake what we’ve come to expect based on his work in recent years – a balance of traditional boom-bap with an undeniably hefty contemporary sonic punch. One Man Band drops March 5th via Redefinition.

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Ravno iz Skopja stiže novi spot LD Pistolera. Pjesmu možete skinuti ovdje.


Here’s the official video for The Weeknd’s single Twenty Eight, from The Trilogy. Directed by NABIL.

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POPARA PROMO PACK (“INK” CD+T-shirt+pokloni iznenađenja)

Inkognito Popara – “INK” (Sinestet, 2013) promo T-shirts!!!

Artwork by : Seick

Veličine: S, M, L, XL, XXL

8 boja otisaka (po izboru: svijetlo crvena, tamno crvena, tamno plava, crna, roza (za djevojke i sve koji se tako osjećaju :)), narančasta, tamno ljubičasta i metallic pistaccio svijetlo zelena)

Narudžbe na adresu:

U nastavku posta vas očekuje još nekoliko fotki ovog promo packa. Inkov novi album možete preslušati ovdje, a ne zaboravite i na koncertu promociju sutra u KSET-u!



In the early ’90s, The RZA, then know as Prince Rakeem, had begun making music for his then new Staten Island (aka Shaolin) based supergroup, Wu-Tang Clan. When Enter The 36 Chambers was finally released in late ’93, the effect was seismic. The RZA’s “awkward” combination of rugged drums and off-center loops formed the foundation of a unique sound that would inspire a whole new generation of samplists, as well as set off searches for the components of those loops.

As the nature of this Shaolin style became more defined, it became clear that the sounds of the South, and in Memphis especially, seemed to hold a particular draw for The RZA and other disciples of his style. It was in Memphis that the recording studios of STAX Records were based. The records that STAX issued had a certain tone and swing that perfectly complimented The RZA’s gritty, down-to-earth style.

Shaolin Soul Selection: Volume 1 presents 24 original recordings – nearly 2 1/2 hours of essential soul music available on 2 CDs, 3 Vinyl LPs or Digital Download- from the vaults of STAX Records and its subsidiary labels that inspired The RZA and the classic sound of The Wu-Tang Clan…

Hit continue reading to listen to the album sampler & peep the tracklist, and click here to find out how to order the vinyl or CD set.


This week we had a chance to chop it up with A$AP Rocky. We talk about what he feels his first week sales mean (especially after the leak), Yams comments about people trying to split up ASAP Mob, and more. Rocky even tells us his favorite verse on 1 Train.

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