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cormega 2 Conspiracy Worldwide Radio (24.06.2011.)

Live guests – CORMEGA – JEAN GRAE – DJ JS-1 – C RAYZ WALZ – JEHST – CF – CREATIVE JUICES – J RAWLS – CANIBUS EXCLUSIVE – world exclusives and more!

Second part and info about the whole show after jump.

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connect 3jumf 540x540 Connect   Za Bolje Ne Znam

Pjesma s novog albuma grupe Connect naziva 3jumf, u prodaji od 27.6. Produkciju pjesme potpisuje Priki.
U nastavku posta poslušajte još dvije pjesme s albuma, Daj Nam Milion i Game Over.


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Via Grand Good.

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Queens artist Pharoahe Monch spoke about his brand new album W.A.R. and how his life long battle with asthma helped shape his music career.

Via The Diggers Union.

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littlebrother Little Brother   I Got Work For Ya

Unreleased track, produced by Hi-Tek.
Via Dot Got It.

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woo 3 PREMIJERA: General Woo   Znam

Kao što smo najavili u prošlotjednoj premijeri pjesme U Trenutku Istine, donosi još jednu novu stvar Generala Woo-a. Ova se zove Znam i također će se naći na njegovom novom albumu Verbalni Delikt koji izlazi ove jeseni.
U nastavku posta pročitajte što Woo kaže o ovoj pjesmi.

UPDATE: Nakon što je premijerno objavio nove pjesme Generala Woo-a Znam i U Trenutku Istine, regionalni MTV portali sad nude besplatni download te dvije pjesme koji možete realizirati u iduća dva tjedna.

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exclusively produced for Nutso´s “Remix Corner” LP

Via Unkut.

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Elliott Wilson sits down with Ms. Drama for a candid interview on his career, new ventures and the future of hip-hop. In part 1 of his interview, Wilson touches on the flack he has received in regards to his site, He explains why the site is so selective and his hopes of creating a more underground themed one. Elliott also touches on the pivotal moments in his career at XXL and Ego Trip. He admits to being a silent partner at Ego Tripp and explains why he had to move on from that Magazine.

Second part of the interview after jump.
Via Ms. Drama.

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You already know the deal in a New York Minute, aNYthing can happen, and as Masta Ace will tell you, one bad choice is enough to f*ck your life up.
So you can do what his best friend did, or take a step back, like he did.
The choice is yours.

Via MG.

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dmx vibe VIBE Exclusive: DMXs 1st Jailhouse Interview

It’s almost impossible to teach an old dog new tricks but even countless stints in jail won’t break the spirit of an underdog who has been fighting for survival his entire life. Earl “DMX” Simmons has served skid bids on the reg, since becoming an international rap star in 1999. His string of arrests, include everything from misdemeanor marijuana possession to aggravated assault. Most recently, DMX is finishing up his latest sentence for parole violation, which he was hit with last December after getting caught drinking alcohol at a performance. Looking to stay on the straight and narrow for good, X granted VIBE an exclusive prison interview to explain his side of the story, quest to stay sober, new album, reality show and love life.

Click here to read part 1, and here to read part 2 where he talks about today’s rap game, Ja Rule, his issues with Jay-Z and more.

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