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Meet Spliff Hemingway, local westsider who’s about to release a collaborative project with the homey Duke Westlake. Here’s one of the tracks that’ll be on Water the LP.

Directed by Grady Shon
Produced by Duke Westlake


d 45

Last week Diamond D spun an all 45s set at Mighty in San Francisco and someone had the good sense to press “record” as it went down. Well, at least for the final 25 minutes – just long enough to give the rest of us a pretty good idea of the evening’s steez: double copies of everything and plenty of breaks and funky stuff – from the opening Bernie Worrell clav riffs of Funkadelic’s “A Joyful Process” through the nation-building vibes of Roy Ayers’ “Red Black & Green.” Also, that unmistakable they-used-to-do-it-out-in-the-park-ness that seems to pervade the spinning styles of all the BX’s favorite sons – occasionally rough around the edges and all the better for it. Enjoy.

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40oz van is a hustler’s hustler. With a talent for making a small idea into a large check, 40 understands the culture and has been able to carve out his niche while sensationalizing and monetizing it in a way largely unseen before.

40’s persona first became popular through a salacious tumblr mostly curated with pictures of provocative women that most men would drool over and check more than once a day. The tumblr site coupled with his infamous 40oz Bounce Party Series where 2,000 to 4,000 rowdy young New Yorkers flocked to smoke, drink and socialize garnered a solid reputation for 40 being that guy who knows what the people want. The events eventually grew so popular that they became more and more difficult to maintain without the typical NYC permit or corporate backing to host events on such a grand scale.

Many people who visit 40oz van site may initially think some of the photos aren’t really user submitted but women from all over the world literally send him pics on a daily basis, “I post everything on the site myself, there’s different flavors of girls on there, cute black chicks, cute white chicks, you might even find some cute Asian chicks on there to.” With almost 10 million page views to date and an international audience, 40’s archive would even leave Larry Flynt a little jealous.

40 was by no means content with mere internet following and took his time to brainstorm a clever way to capitalize on his influence. “Having so many followers all generates a profit an the end of the day. There are kids that have thirty to forty thousand followers on these sites and they’re not really doing anything with it. They (are) sitting on money!”

In 2012, he began to produce snap-back hats and released them exclusively on a 1 day 12 hour window only sales basis. The hats’ designs are inspired from popular hi-end luxury brands or are collaborative efforts between he and celebrity friends who he feels understand his vision. With an understanding of branding and releasing the hats in such a limited fashion, 40 has been more successful then he could’ve ever imagined with one recent snap-back release grossing him an estimated $70k in sales in one day.

“It’s not easy selling hats. People see me cashing out, everyone knows I put my numbers up there to prove a point but then you gotta figure out production, shipping… it breaks down a little bit.”

Van has been able to evolve with his audience while at the same time furthering his brand into the corporate marketing world. With the right friendships, the right access and a great work ethic we are sure that Van will be on the scene for a long time, cashing checks and always making sure there’s a lil bit of G-Money left over!


Predstavljamo vam prvi videospot skupine Zebra Dots. Nakon objave debitantkog izdanja „Walking On A Chance“ hrvatsko-slovenske skupine Zebra Dots, Universal Music je s prvim navedenim lokalnim izdanjem ušao u novu i uzbudljivu fazu svog poslovanja na ovom teritoriju.



Brooklyn newcomer DyMe-A-DuZiN dropped his A Portrait of Donnovan mixtape at long last earlier today. DyMe has been keeping us on our toes for the last couple of months with “Memories,” “Swank Sinatra” and “New Brooklyn,” all of which appear on the new tape.

Between those and the 12 other new cuts, the Phony Ppl member lands guest spots from Joey Bada$$, the late Capital STEEZ, Elbee Thrie, Sherriff P and CJ Fly and production help from Harry Fraud, Plain Pat and Emilie Haynie. Download A Portrait of Donnovan via the link below and keep your eyes out for DyMe-A-DuZiN in the future.

To download the mixtape, click here.




Produced by Harry Fraud.



Produced by Wayne Ski.


If you’re into the likes of Flatbush Zombies and Pro Era, then you should keep your eye on The Underachievers as well.
The Mahdi can be found on their debut mixtape Indigoism, dropping today.



Over the past month or so, we’ve seen a few releases from the vintage Detroit collective Slum Village. The phase was all in the lead-up to their Mick Boogie-hosted Dirty Slums 2 project, which is now available to listen to in its entirety. With the likes of Young RJ, Illa J, T3, Rapper Big Pooh, Guilty Simpson and many more artists included in the attempt, there’s a guaranteed level of high-caliber production and rhymes.

Hit continue reading for the tracklist & download link.

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Just as promised, in our Deep Cover feature on, here is Vanilla Ice’s full interview with Sway in the Morning. In their conversation, Ice speaks openly on all things Ice — including selling 160 million records, the key to success according to his experiences, and what really happened with Suge Knight. Did he really get hung over a balcony?

“The truth is he was nice.” Admits Ice. “The story seems a little bit better, a little bit more interesting, and got better ratings when you have Vanilla Ice hanging upside down and you see his change coming from his pockets. The truth is, he took that money, but I look at it in a positive way because I’ve made great investments.”

Before talking about dating Madonna, he went on to discuss his indirect involvement with Death Row Records.

“That money went on to start Deathrow Records.” Claims Ice. “That money funded some of the greatest hip hop records of all time. ‘The Chronic’ record, funded by Vanilla Ice.”

Watch him elaborate with mentions of Snoop and Tupac.