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obie bme Obie Trice   Learn To Love

While Obie Trice puts the finishing touches on his long awaited “Bottom’s Up” project, he sends over another freebie to hold you down until the project is released.

Download: Obie Trice – Learn To Love

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Last year the aforementioned artists took their talent to the UK for a 10-country tour. Here is just some of their overseas antics.

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l1 Rapsody Feat. Mac Miller & Halo   EXTRA EXTRA (prod. by Khrysis)

June 21st is the date when Rapsody’s next solo project, Thank H.E.R. Now, will be dropping. Here is the first release from that offering.

Download: Rapsody Feat. Mac Miller & Halo – EXTRA EXRA (prod. by Khrysis)

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ultramagnetic mcs  red alert Ultramagnetic MCs   Chilling with Chuck Chill Out

“Chilling with Chuck Chill Out” – originally a one sided acetate – never pressed to vinyl or on any Ultra Magnetic albums or compilations. Probably one of a kind acetate played exclusively by “Chuck Chill Out” at the beginning of his historic radio mix show in the late 80′s on KISS FM.

The song features a nice Herbie Hancock break and wild abstract verses from the whole crew, record mastering by Dick Charles (DCHARLES). One acetate changed his owner for 2.827 $ on ebay last year.

Stream only for this one, check the snippet below or listen to it on Youtube.

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jillscott Jill Scott Feat. Eve   Shame

Three-time Grammy-winning singer/actress Jill Scott is coming back this year with a new album called The Light Of The Sun and here’s the uptempo first single featuring Eve. Hit continue reading to check some behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot.

Download: Jill Scott Feat. Eve – Shame


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The mother of J Dilla reveals that a new project will be released consisting of music from the late producer and other artists from Detroit.

In a video message released yesterday, April 4 Maureen Yancy the mother of late producer James “J Dilla” Yancy revealed that a new album featuring unreleased music from J Dilla will be released this fall.

Titled The Rebirth Of Detroit the album will feature Detroit-based artists who have worked with J Dilla in the past. Mrs. Yancy, who is commonly referred to as Ma Dukes, explained that building camaraderie was one of the main goals of the project.

“This will bring together artists that have drifted away from one another and haven’t been able to work with each other lately,” Mrs. Yancy explained. “It’s a healing process for the city.

She went on to stress that the album will consist of completely new material and ideas from J Dilla.

“There’s a misconception that it has something to do with old projects. This is entirely new, fresh ideas, energetic, fresh and gifted. It is titled The Rebirth of Detroit, so no one will get it twisted,” said Mrs. Yancy.

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safe image.php  Sade   Still In Love With You

Sade are back with The Ultimate Collection to be released on May 3rd. The must-have, 29-track, two-disc album will include four new, never-before heard songs including a remix to The Moon And The Sky (featuring Jay-Z). The Ultimate Collection also features 15 tracks that were not included on Sade’s 1994 Best Of album.
Still In Love With You is the first new song to be presented publicly.

Download: Sade – Still In Love With You

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Part 2 off OnSMASH’ interview with the Canadian produced MoSS. If you missed part 1, watch it here.

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koolgrap RRR 540x540 Kool G Rap working with Marley Marl on his new album

One of Hip Hop’s most important path pavers reveals that he will be reuniting with DJ Marley Marl on his eighth studio album.

Kool G. Rap has done much to influence some of today’s most prominent emcees including Nas, Jay-Z, and Eminem. However, as one of Hip Hop’s pioneers, G. Rap doesn’t hesitate to name his close friend and producer Marley Marl as an essential part of his legacy. He revealed to the BoomBox that he would be reuniting with Marley Marl on his new album, Riches, Royalty, and Respect.

“I just got the track back from Marley the night before last,” he said. “I wasn’t sure he was going to make it on time. Working with Marley is like coming back home. It’s like coming back full circle again. He has done a lot to contribute to my legacy. So I got a lot of love and respect for him.”

The LP will be his eighth studio album and will not feature huge Rap artists, a conscious decision Kool G. Rap made to give other rappers a chance at the spotlight.

“I have a lot of up-and-coming names on this album. I really didn’t do brand name chasing on this album because the young hungry cats were so available….they are hungry, and when you are hungry like that, your firepower is at its maximum. But I also have Infamous, who works with Lil Wayne and my man DJ Pain, who did tracks for Young Jeezy. I’m bringing it on all levels.”

As a veteran in music, G. Rap also expressed his sentiments about remaining relevant in a changing industry.

“It’s a blessing to still be around,” he said. “There’s a lot of cats in our business that didn’t make it because of street violence. So for me to be here in 2011 is a blessing.”

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Produced by !llMind. Off of OBX & Tech’s Rage EP. Directed by Jason Avalos.

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