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Hard. Dungeon material from Philadelphia’s Steady B with a remix for his Bogardin‘ track. Along with Schoolly D, The Fresh Prince and Three Times Dope, he was one of the first wave of Philadelphia-area rappers to gain notoriety in the mid to late 1980s.

His musical career was relatively short-lived and he is currently serving a life sentence in a Pennsylvania state prison for his role in the murder of a Philadelphia Police officer during a messy bank robbery in January, 1996.

This was his last release.

Produced by D.Kelly and Steady B

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The legendary Kid Capri is a guest in this episode of Beats Per Minute.

I thought it was a new episode but they filmed it a year ago.


Ove godine će se održati drugi po redu Reunited festival. Riječ je o festivalu koji ujedinjuje sve elemente hip hopa u jedan zajednički događaj. Mjesto događaja je AKC Attack , a festival počinje 15. , a završava 17.rujna. Festival je zamišljen kao niz radionica i nastupa čiji točan raspored još nije objavljen .

Kako bi podržali ovaj događaj Pendrek i Bero Zmay su snimili stvar. Točnije, Bero je odradio muzičku pozadinu, a Pendrek je odradio verbalni dio bacanja rima. Stvar je dostupna za slušanje putem 40recordz  You Tube kanala.

Sve novosti vezane uz festiva možete pratiti putem Facebook stranice festivala.

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Last night at the VMAs, MTV gave Kanye free hands to do whatever he wants. Ye decided to open his “act” with a 6-minute speech after which he premiered his latest visuals for his single Fade off of The Life of Pablo album. The star of the music video is 25-year-old actress and artist Teyana Taylor. Check out the speech above and the visuals below.


Queen Bey delivered a 15-minute LEMONADE medley during Sunday’s show at Madison Square Garden. Emerging in a white jacket draped down her body, her arms covered in black lace and diamonds and topped by a wide-brimmed hat, she opened with “Pray You Catch Me” off her album LEMONADE, which already nabbed the Breakthrough Long-Form Video Award earlier in the night.

Via Rap-Up

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hip hop

Yesterday I came across this awesome article. Read the first half below, for the other one go to

I don’t know exactly when, but at some point it hit me that a generation who grew up listening to the same music I fell in love with as a kid have become decision-makers in mainstream media.

It could have been the moment I saw the hamsters in the Kia commercial rocking out to Black Sheep’s “The Choice is Yours” or Tide’s use of Digable Planet’s “Rebirth of Slick.” I remember feeling that a shift had occurred, and that companies not usually associated with hip-hop understood how to get my attention.

See, I’d worked in advertising for several years, so I was fully aware of how tone-deaf agencies and executive producers could be trying to fully understand this constantly shifting culture. Anything approaching the style of hip-hop was referenced via The Black Eyed Peas. And—no disrespect to BEP—but they were so hot at one time that advertisers were doing all they could to create bad imitations of their work.

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Isaiah Rashad

Stream TDE’s Isaiah latest single called Park below. The song will be featured on his upcoming album entitled The Sun’s Tirade dropping September 2.


Novi session grupe ONI ugledao je svjetlo dana. Nakon onog zadarskog na red je došao Varaždinski session. Autor vješto stvorene muzičke pozadine je dakako KolAK47 koji radi većinu beatova za grupu. Za razliku od prošlog session, u kojem se samo pojavljuje Jantar , u ovom možemo vidjeti i ostatak grupe ONI, odnosno Kalia i Scriptora. Sam session traje nešto manje od četiri minute, a dostupan je za gledanje preko ONI You Tube kanala.

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Exquisite rare underground sh*t from ’98, the only one ever released that features Sinful. The track is a part of I Don’t See Nothin’ Wrong / Life In The World single.

Unknown producer.



Take a listen to 99’s Word Up Show episode, hosted by Warren Peace & Mr. Bob.

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