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K.Dot finally dropped the music video for his first single off the upcoming, yet untitled, album.

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wutang Wu Tang Clan   Ruckus In B Minor

Listen to Wu’s third single off the upcoming album A Better Tomorrow, dropping December 2nd. Hit continue reading to check out the tracklist.

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Prva stvar sa Stokinog nadolazećeg albuma Agram. Produkciju potpisuje Goran Kovačić.

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To all the fans: Thank you for your dedicated support…it has been an immense year for us and it’s far from over. Enjoy the stepping stone of a new ERA – Dessy Hinds

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Killer Mike (of RTJ) jumps on the remix of Snoh’s song Bad Things.

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Watch DP’s new music video for Show Me The Way from their latest album Directors of Photography.

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Dakle ova stvar sjedi već kojih godinu dana na hardu. Potaknut događajima oko Banditića, reko sad je vrijeme da ju pustim van. Imao sam i neki originalni video footage Zagreba, kaj smo snimali prošle zime, pa reko idem složit spot! Ne znam zašto prije nisam kreno rezat i radit s videom, jer je jebeno zabavno!! Dakle, moja prva montaža! Moj prvi spot!!
Mali disclaimer \\\\\\ Video sadržaj ne prati nužno tekst, niti je uvijek lokacijski u kontinuitetu sa Zagrebom

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Produced by DJ Premier

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Mr. Green is back again with a new batch of tight collaborators, this time hooking up with KRS-One, Hakim Green, & Aubrey Green. Read on for a statement from Green himself.

“This is big for me. I’ve been listening to KRS One since I was a kid and I use him as the example of how great a hip-hop show can be. Over the years I’ve heard a lot of people complain and say that hip-hop artists are never as good live as they are on the album and I immediately bring up KRS. He sounds as good, if not better, live than he does when you listen to his tracks at home and he has charisma and stage presence better than anything I’ve ever seen (if you know someone who’s better than KRS live, let me know, I want to see it).

From all of his contributions dating back to the mid-80s to spreading positive messages through hip-hop to fans all over the world to his stop the violence movement, he’s beyond legendary and one of the most important people in the history of hip-hop. He’s also one of those artists that will make you want to be a better person.

How did I get KRS? I’m from New Jersey and when I first started making music I connected with Hakim Green (KRS’s right hand man) and Aubrey Green (Hakim’s cousin). I got to open up for KRS a couple times back in the day but never actually got to do a song with him until now.

Basically, Hakim was organizing a few events to help mayor Ras Baraka get elected in Newark and he had KRS come to town to help spread the word and inspire people. Aubrey knew I was looking for guests for the new season so he asked if Sam and I could cover the events and put Hakim and KRS on the show. I was down. To me this is a perfect episode because I got to work with one of my favorite artists of all time and because I got to help out a good dude like Hakim.

Shout out to my boys Hakim and Aubrey Green for making this happen. Also, shout out to Do It All, Lords of the Underground, 211 Community Impact, Reading Salon, Ras Baraka, VICE, FH Crew, the legendary KRS- One, and, of course, Mario Levis for letting us sample him. #Livefromthestreets”

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