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For those that don’t know, BLUE RASPBERRY is best known for her singing on one of the most popular and talented rap groups in the music industry on songs like “Ice Cream”, “Rainy Dayz”, “Glaciers of Ice”, “Release Yo Delf” and that’s right, the group is the Wu-Tang Clan.
Now with her new album “Candi Green: A Blue Raspberry Story” BLUE RAPSBERRY will bring her movement of songs that her fans can embrace, understand and most of all love because of what she represents. “Candi Green: A Blue Raspberry Story” album is sure to raise eye brows with her topics, aggression and the message behind her music. I’m quite sure that her music will be timeless and you will be able to play BLUE RASPBERRY’S “Candi Green: A Blue Raspberry Story” album many years from now and it will still be relevant.

Download: Blue RaspBerry Feat. Dox – What’s Good

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la noche flyer

U petak, 11.12.’09. u klubu “La Noche”, Gane RImatore promovira svoj album “Nocturno Hip Hop” (koji će se tamo moći i kupiti za 30kn), i zajedno sa ostalim riječkim rap snagama se bori hip hopom protiv gripe na eventu “H1p H0p gRIpa”. Upad je 30 kn (+ konzumacija), a uz Ganeta nastupaju i: Dejo, Grga & Denno Carvaglio, Miroy, BLC (KBC & Doki Dok), Pis & Frikk D’Likk te Elita.

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glazbeni outlet velika

Danas do 21 sat i sutra od 12 do 21 sat u kinu Europa održava se ‘Glazbeni outlet’ u organizaciji Aquarius recordsa, Dancing Beara i Menarta! 2 dana u predblagdanskom razdoblju posvećena su malim cijenama CDa, DVDa, majica, kompilacija a cijene su pale i do 70%! Najbolji način zatvaranja prvog dana Glazbenog outleta je Noć vidoespotova – ekskluzivni prigodni program koji će se održavati večeras od 19 do 21 sat gdje će publika moći, u sklopu samog Outleta te uz kavu, pivu, čaj uživati u projekciji domaćih i stranih video spotova!

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Doitall HungerInMyVoice is running a seven part interview with Doitall (of the Lords Of The Underground) throughout the week in conjuction with the release of Doitall’s Baller Status mixtape “Hunger In My Voice”.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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DJ Leggs is back with another edition of Oldschool Archives. This month he put together some of the best battles & responses ever caught on wax. Hit continue reading  for the full tracklist and download link.

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A previously unreleased video.

Via Real Hip Hop Since 79.


A coupse of leaks from the upcoming Clipse album Til The Casket Drops, dropping December 8th.

Clipse – Speak Of Freedom (prod. by Sean C & LV)
Clipse – Footsteps (prod. by DJ Khalil)

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On January 12th, 2010, a new double disc album titled Fantastic Vol. 2.10 celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the original will be released containing never heard before material from the group via Barak Records. This Volume contains material that’s never been released, the way Jay Dee a.k.a. J. Dilla wanted his original production, the way they wanted it to be… unedited….. uncencored, without corporate politics.

Check out the tracklist after the jump.


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