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Bill was the original publicist for Rush Communications and Def Jam and was there from the very beginning. For six years, Bill contributed to the rise of our DEFinitive label through the development of artists, the original CBS distribution deal, the initial wave of journalism covering Hip-Hop and many more things crucial to the development of this artform and culture as a commodity.

Continue reading to watch more clips of Bill Adler talk about Russell Simmons, building the Def Jam brand, Public Enemy controversy with Professor Griff, The Long Beach Raising Hell Riot of 1986 and more.

Sidebar: Upon his departure from all that is Def, Bill took a different path and opened an art studio dedicated to the Hip-Hop image. You can see some of those incredible indelibles here. He currently sits on the board of advisors on the National Museum of Hip-Hop.

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Futura 2000 started his career as a New York graffiti artist in 1970. But it wasn’t until the 1980s that graffiti (as well as the hip hop lifestyle) came to the surface for the mainstream public to appreciate.
Writing on train cars and subways or “bombing” as it is called, was where Futura 2000 first showcased his talent. However, it wasn’t long before canvas graffiti art pieces found their way into exhibitions and galleries. The next platform for Futura 2000’s work was the UK Record Label MoWax which was run in part by James Lavelle, whom Futura 2000 met up with in 1992. Since then, Futura 2000’s work has appeared on many album covers including the U.N.K.L.E album which features Beastie Boys’ Michael Diamond on the song Drums of Death.
Many Beastie Boys fans have been inside one of Futura 2000’s shops maybe without realizing it. In one of the Rappin’ With the Rickster episodes (found on videotapes circulating within Beastie Boys trading circles), Ricky Powell takes his video camera right inside for an opening.

Check out the photo gallery here.

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Ulica Me Zove Nazad je posljednji promo singl beogradske grupe VIP prije izlaska njihovog novog albuma Živa Istina, koji bi se trebao naći u prodaji već idućeg tjedna.

Download: VIP Feat. Aleksandra Kovač -Ulica Me Zove Nazad

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It’s a shame this guy never got a chance to shine. Back in ’06 he had one of the most slept on releases out with The Voice Of The Ghetto.

Video via YHTN.

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We Gone is off Kidz In The Hall’s free Mix CD, The Professional Leisure Tour, presented by L-R-G. Download it here.


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Here’s footage from the release party of Nike’s DJ Premier Air Force 1/DJ AM Dunk pack. Premier was on deck spinning, and the likes of DJ Clark Kent aka The King Of Sneakers and Ed Lover showed up as well.
Continue reading to watch Jesse Leyva, Nike’s global design director, talk about the process of coming up with these shoes.


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Here’s a dope video documenting Mos Def working on The Ecstatic.

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A nice little collection of performance clips from Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon. Ludacris, Clipse, Wale, Q-Tip, 50 Cent, Raekwon, Goodie Mob, Black Star, Public Enemy and more rocking with the legendary Roots crew!

Continue reading for the tracklist & download link.

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Its QK10 and were setting things off with a brand new PackFM gem,Happy Days, produced by Tonedeff. Through clever yet powerful quotes, Happy Days offers a look at the steady decline in standards that masquerades as change in the world today. Things have been so bad and people are so eager to just be satisfied that they lowered their standards for everything, but we can do better than that. Its like if a kid scrapes his knee and you give him a lolipop, he stops crying, but at some point youre going to have to fix that wound.

Check out the video for the track here.

Download: PackFM – Happy Days (prod. by Tonedeff)

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