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To launch the PUMA x ALIFE Spring 2015 collection, a pop up space was set up for 3 days during NYC’s All-Star Weekend. Throughout this time the space hosted some of the most influential media across the globe, consumers eager to buy the collection and a diverse group of creatives and music enthusiasts eager to hear the sounds of the underground. From the up-and-coming to the top-billing artists, ALIFE Sessions are known to offer an experience which money can’t buy. Presented by PUMA, the ALIFE Studios are intimate, unique and unforgettable.

Redman’s song at 2:40 in the video was produced by our Croatian producer Marvel.



After a little over a year of living in Los Angeles after having spent my entire life in New York City, I’ve noticed that I’m losing whatever it is of an edge I once had (or liked to pretend I once had). I blame this thawing of my once formidable exterior on the perma-summer of Los Angeles, a desert fantasy only occasionally broken up by the odd rainy day or 50-degree night—both of which are met with the confused horror of masses facing a zombie assault.

It’s ironic (or perhaps entirely too fitting) that a perfect soundtrack for life in Los Angeles would come from Milwaukee, a city that I imagine has lovely summers, but that I know has brutal winters (a factor that might necessitate an EP about the warmer months).

Milwaukee rapper Klassik’s SUMMER EP is the third of four releases in his SEASONS series. The EP, as he puts it, concerns:

“Long days, warm nights. Vibrant and full of life, the summer season is a time for celebration. Escaping from the glaring cold of Winter, and drying off after the “reign” of Spring, Summer brings freedom and happiness. A creative climax in the artistic psyche, the sounds of this season are grander and lush; flowers in bloom or swelling strings, this is beauty epitomized.

Play these at high volume, optimized for warm nights with windows or tops down. Things are heating up…”

Its three songs clock in at just under 10 minutes, making for a concentrated breeze—the perfect soundtrack as the winter months begin to thaw (if you live in a place where “winter” is something other than an abstract concept that you once knew when you lived in New York).


wale the album about nothing

Wale teams up with Cole to drop another single from his upcoming album The Album About Nothing, coming out March 31st.


edo g

Phat Phillie:

One of my favorite rap songs of all times ED O.G. & DA BULLDOG’S ‘I Got To Have It’ live on my Blackout Radio’s 21st Anniversary a few weeks ago.
Shouts to my dude Edo G!


Poslušajte novu pjesmu Brca, Adnana, Chosa i Rolanda preko 9th Wonderovog beata pod nazivom VrtiRAPke.


Dr. Dre is in the Real 92.3 studio! The legend is here to Dre to talk about Straight Outta Compton. making Nothing But a G Thang with Snoop Dogg, the last time he talked to Eazy E, and more!

Check out part two of the interview after the jump.


Bodega Bamz ft. Flatbush Zombies - Bring Em Out

Bodega Bamz teams up with Flatbush Zombies for his latest single, “Bring Em Out.” The track is off Bamz upcoming album, ‘Sidewalk Exec’ out April 14th.


saga The Strong

Brooklyn upstart emcee, Saga, is not the type to succumb to his ambition. His ‘do or die’ attitude stems from his Brooklyn upbringing, which is deeply rooted in the understanding that the only people that make it in life are, “The Strong.” While other rappers shy away from achieving lyrical excellence, Saga continues to show and prove that he has a pension for both wordplay and top notch production. “The Strong” is the 2nd leak featured on From Out of the Shadows, which is produced entirely by Marco Polo, and set to drop on March 31st!


from the upcoming album “The Night Took Us In Like Family” coming April 21st.


Watch G-Unit’s performance of their track I’m Grown on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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