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Eric Lynn Wright, Jr. – also known as Lil Eazy-E – had a lot to share with DJ Vlad as he detailed his life up until his father’s untimely passing. The two shared an extremely close bond and Eazy-E‘s junior didn’t hesitate when asked about their trips to Disneyland and the times he’d get approached in school due to his father’s legacy. “Those things didn’t dawn on to me ’til we were out in public and I [saw] people’s reactions,” he remembered.



Koji, a 19 year old MC born in Osaka to a Japanese father and American mother, grew up half japanese in Cali, finally settling in Massachusetts. Koji is heading the right way with his flow and sound on Chicago’s CoryaYo production. The instrumental was featured on Dig Of The Day back in October 2015.

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According to DNA Info New York, the City Council announced that it would pass legislation to rename the section of Sedgewick Avenue that includes DJ Kool Herc‘s old address, Hip Hop Boulevard.

1520 Sedgewick Avenue in the South Bronx was the location where Kool Herc DJed some of the very first Hip-Hop parties and has been recognized as the site as the birth of Hip Hop, according to a statement from Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson’s office. It is said that 1520 Sedgewick is where the very first Hip-Hop jam was thrown by Herc and his sister on August 11, 1973.

Councilwoman Gibson says that the renaming is meant to honor both DJ Kool Herc and the overall contributions that The Bronx has made to creating Hip-Hop over the years.

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After the ascendance of greats like DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Q-Tip in the 90s, There was a new wave of producers that would come to prominence in the 2000s who would carry the torch for Hip-Hop and take it in new directions. This new generation of beatmakers included the likes of Madlib, Kanye West, Just Blaze and J Dilla.

Another one of these well-respected track masters was North Carolina’s 9th Wonder, whose warm and soulful records combined with hard boom-bap drums made the Little Brother trio of Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh and 9th one of the most beloved groups of the 00s.

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Check out Yonce’s latest visuals to her provocative track Formation.


Pogledajte rap battle dva na dva između Jurasicka i Nastyja s jedna strane te Tzrea i Sultana s druge strane.


Help Maria B In Creating Her New Album

Maria B:

I am a passionate singer from Podgorica, the capital of a small and beautiful country called Montenegro. I’ve been in the music industry for 15 years and through various performances, including festivals, released singles and one album in my native language, my voice has been recognized as one of the best in my country.My first album was released back in 2008 and in 2012 I released a single “Misbehave”, hitting the Top 10 chart of MTV Adria. The time for my second album “Determination” has finally arrived.

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Today we got a great J Dilla remix of Busta RhymesIll Vibe track from Busta‘s debut The Coming, featuring Q-Tip.

The remix is off J Dilla Remixes.

Happy B-day Jay Dee!


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Nakon velike 2015. za domaći Hip Hop, kada se Trap ustoličio i Boom Bap probudio kao nikad u zadnjih 10 godina, vrlo će biti zanimljivo pratiti razvoj istih u 2016. godini. Počinjemo sa najzanimljivijim pjesmama u 1. mjesecu, od sada ću još malo oštriji biti sa kriterijima, kako bi se istakao što kvalitetniji materijal. Ako mislite da vaša glazba treba biti na našem blogu, šaljite na, a za radijsku emisiju šaljite na Nemojte se ustručavati! Mali smo team i nemožemo sve pratiti! Krenimo onda, kliknite continue reading.

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Robbie Ettelson:

The only tradition more ingrained into hip-hop than Brag Rap is, of course, Songs About Chicks Rap. These ditties take on many forms, from cautionary tales about the local skeezer, tributes to the one’s who got away or just a general celebration of a particularly enthusiastic groupie. Please note: both ‘Bonita Applebum’ and ‘Roxanne, Roxanne’ have been omitted since I could live without hearing either song again for the next ten years.

Unkut’s Songs About Ladies Mix

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Tracklist after the jump.

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