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DMC NYC DJ Battle ft. DJ Precision, DJ Roli Rho + host: Lord Finesse / presented by Rane

The DMC DJ Battles are the biggest, longest running, most prestigious DJ Battles in the World. From DMC battles, legends are made. DMC World and DMC National Champion titles continue to be one the most sought after for turntablists worldwide! For battles, as they are announced, across the globe please visit



J-Zone’s zany alter egos (Chief Chinchilla and Swagmaster Bacon) also get booth time, as do long time collaborators Al-Shid, Prince Paul and Has-Lo. Serving as a bridge between Zone’s 2013 comeback offering (Peter Pan Syndrome) and a forthcoming group project with Prince Paul and Sacha Jenkins (SuperBlack), Fish-n-Grits captures his development as an artist and musician, with occasional nods to the past.

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Domo Genesis speaks about the state of Odd Future, new music + freestyles.


Will Smith goin’ in real legendary with a freestyle over How We Do & Lean Back back in 2005, shout out to Jazzy Jeff up in the studio.



Deejay Irie:

“Last night I created a video edit of Phife Dawg‘s verse on Clap Your Hands. After realizing he names iconic pop characters in every bar, I went online, found video’s and photo’s of all of them and sequenced it.”

Check out the video on Facebook.

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mc eiht spice 1

MC Eiht and Spice 1 made two albums together in the 2000s. The Pioneers and Keep It Gangsta were unified fronts after years of the two Cali kings working together on one another’s albums. While Eiht and Spice always spit with weathered wisdom and street conviction, production has not always appeared as compelling as it was during the height of the Compton’s Most Wanted or Jive Records days.

Alchemist, another Golden State native, enters with the antidote. “Any Means” brings in some distorted, synthesized instrumentation for Compton and Hayward to represent. Two gold-selling MCs find some alchemy in one of the best tracks they’ve ever touched together.



Bryson Tiller - Rambo (The Weeknd Remix)

The Weeknd takes a shot in remixing Bryson Tiller’s song Rambo. Listen to the outcome below.


Today we got some cold gangsta sh*t from Houston, a group called Convicts and their track Peter Man, from their only self-titled album released in ’91 on Rap-A-Lot Records.

The group, which was composed of Big Mike and Mr. 3-2, crafted the concept of their only album around two convicts who just got out of prison. After the album dropped, Suge was pursuing Big Mike to join Death Row Records, and even put the two up in an apartment in Long Beach.

Mike and 3-2 ended up recording a song with Snoop and Warren G, but when Willie D left the Geto Boys and Lil’ J offered the spot to Big Mike, he accepted. Some stories say that Suge and Dre actually got the idea of “Death Row Inmates” from Convicts album and others that Snoop might have borrowed some of his flows from 3-2

Dat’s some underground ish right there.



Hopa Cupa - Domaćica @ Crkva, Rijeka (1. 4.)

Hopa Cupa se nastavlja!

Ovoga puta smo odlučili ponuditi drukčiji program i prebaciti fokus na domaću scenu (ex yu). Ima puno kvalitetnih izvođača na balkanu, unazad kroz godine snimilo se masu jebenih traka, bengera, hitova i sl.

Bilo bi šteta ne iskoristiti priliku doći i rasplesati se uz najbolje sa domaće hip hop rnb scene.

Za muziku će bit zaduženi Noki Nole i BeroZmay.

Facebook event


The conductor and co-curator Yuga Cohler says:

The purpose of the Great Music Series is to explore the commonalities between the music of our times and classical masterpieces of the past. By highlighting the musical and cultural elements characteristic of all great music, the Series seeks to demonstrate that modern popular music is fundamentally similar to classical music. For its first instalment, the series will compare Kanye West and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Kanye West is one of the most famous, albeit divisive, people alive in America. Since his debut solo album in 2004, West has become increasingly prominent as a producer, rap artist, and cultural activist. Today, he is unquestionably one of the most influential figures in popular music and culture. Considering his larger-than-life artistic personality, there is no better comparison to him than Beethoven, the apotheosis of the classical tradition.

M.C.’d by myself and composer Stephen Feigenbaum, this concert will sonically illustrate the similarities between Kanye West’s latest album, Yeezus (orchestrated by Feigenbaum), and a variety of pieces by Beethoven. As the concert progresses, music by the two will become increasingly integrated, ultimately resulting in a total mash-up of the two. If you find this concert far-fetched, we invite you to come and listen – see if you can tell where Beethoven ends and Kanye begins.

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