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David Huynh (of Hypetrak) recently had a chance to sit down with the #1 Soul Brother Pete Rock to discuss a wide range of topics stemming from his early days in music, moving along to his newer projects and everything in between.

Some of your most memorable works were with CL Smooth, can you tell us how that all formed?

In high school, being in the neighborhood, getting acquainted with people, and growing up with people from teenage years. Sometimes you grow up from teenage, sometimes you grow up from earlier, but I met him in high school. A friend of mine introduced me to him and we started making demos in my basement, and we made a lot of demos, maybe 40 or 50 and we actually got signed off of those. Which was crazy because it just seemed to have happened all so fast. Next thing you know we’re in the studio doing an EP which was the All Souled Out EP, then from there was Mecca and Soul Brother, then after that was Main Ingredient, then after that you gotta wait!

Go here for the full interview.

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