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I moved to London back in 96 to stay with my aunt teta Tania (R.I.P.) & have spent some great time there from aug – dec. I was working during the day as a waiter, paperboy, at the liquor store and at night i would go to all the hip-hop clubs & concerts with my boy Dapo from the Zulu Nation. London was essential for my hip-hop career, it gave me an idea what to do when i get back to Zagreb on X-Mas 1996. I’ve met some great people there with whom i stayed friends til nowadays. S/O to DJ 279, MK, Blak Twang, Dapo, Cutmaster Swift, Funky DL, Ty & Shortee Blitz…Teta Tania Rest In Peace.

Check the gallery here. Photos by Phat Phillie & friends.

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