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The 25th anniversary of Public Enemy is celebrated at the GRAMMY MUSEUM in Los Angeles. The exhibit went up as the beginning part of the Hip Hop exhibit and Black History Month coinciding with Grammy weekend Monday Februrary 13th .The exhibit case included DEF JAM and Do The Right Thing jackets by Chuck D, S1W uniforms and hats, cassettes, original lyrics and stage designs and the infamous Flavor Flav clock. .

Twenty-five years ago Public Enemy with a team of revolutionary talent and great vision. They would alarm, shock, and empower audiences around the world in the years to come, and change the entire future of music for every genre.

Bob Santelli Curator of the Museum interviewed the group with a very animated Q and A discussion featuring Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff, S1WS James Bomb,Pop Diesel,Bro Mike, baNNed members the legendary Davy DMX,T-Bone Motta and Khari Wynn. Bomb Squad Co Founder Keith Shocklee also gave some candid points.

Afterwards Chuck D, Flav, Professor Griff, and DJ LORD performed 4 PE classics Rebel Without A Pause, Dont Believe The Hype, Prophets Of Rage, and Fight The Power.

The program and exhibit was orchestrated by Nwaka Onwusa of the GRAMMY Museum and founding member and now Public Enemy Relations Head Brother James Norman.

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