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Kendrick Lamar has just three studio albums to his name, but the combination of mixtapes and EPs puts his total number of releases at 10.

That’s a crazy amount of material for someone south of 30, especially when considering that the differences between an “album” and a “mixtape” seem increasingly insignificant—Kendrick’s “unoffical” albums contain some of his best verses.

And as magnificent as TDE’s production is, the verses are the reason we listen. Kendrick’s poeticism and lyrical dexterity are a cut above, but when each line is so packed with depth it can be easy to glaze over, waiting for the hook.

To do so is a mistake. So we made this quiz for you true Kendrick fans, a cross-section from his earliest rhymes to his most famous. How well do you know King Kenny?

Take the quiz here.

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