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Rapper Big Pooh shares another unreleased joint. Just like the Seinfeld joint with Phonte, Room To Breathe also comes with an interesting story.

Back in 2010 as I was finding my groove for Dirty Pretty Things I got some joints from DJ Khalil. I wrote this joint and got Khrysis to reference the hook I wrote. I like the feel he gave it so I decided to keep his vocals on there. Time goes by and I end up being contacted by a guy named Griffin Guess who says he wants to put out some music of mine through his new company. He references he has done some work with/for Kanye and he manages his wife, Marissa Miller. I figured I’d go through the process and see if the look was as good as the thought. After going back and forth, I decided to try it out for one album. Although skeptical, we go to the paperwork phase and begin negotiating terms. During this time I chose this to be the lead off (this was before I recorded the Seinfeld joint with Phonte). I went out to LA and took pics for the single cover, did a mixing session for this joint and negotiated a fee for Khalil. Shit fell apart soon after when Griffin then attempted to slide me a management contract on top of the label deal. I parted ways with Griffin before completing my project and didn’t feel right using this joint after Khalil was promised a fee that wasn’t delivered. I still was blessed with two Khalil joints for the album.

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