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Enjoy a 1991 documentary where some of the most controversial Hip Hop acts of their time get together to lend a deeper perspective of life behind their music. Hosted by Luke Skywalker, Chuck D, Too Short, Ice-T, Geto Boys, H.W.A & 2 Live Crew speak their mind about the harshness of American society which reflects their outlook of life and inspires the messages within their music. Take a trip back to the era which birthed the use of Parental Advisory stickers on Hip Hop albums.

These emerging voices of the ghetto optimised the rebel spirit of American society and caught a large part of the industry off-guard with an uncensored view of their life. This breakthrough of reality rap birthed a generation of classics and fueled an entire music industry despite early backlash. In this documentary get a look into the minds of these rebels for a deeper insight beyond their classic recordings.

Additional appearances and comments by Russell Simmons, Alan Light, Hank Shocklee, Spike Lee, KRS One of Boogie Down Productions, Ice Cube (Lench Mob), Bobby Seale (Black Panther), Grand Master Flash, Armond White, Dr. Cornell West, Jam Master Jay (Run D.M.C.), Max Roach, Omar Bin Hassan (The Last Poets), Scott Ian(Anthrax), The Fresh Prince (Will Smith), Whodini, Geronimo and the S1W’s top 10 reading materials.

Source: Collector’s Item

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