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By now we’ve all heard the story… In the midst of various label issues with Priority Records, Ras Kass gets pinched for this third D.U.I. Granted an extension, he goes back to work, however, just two weeks before he’s scheduled to begin his sentence, Priority recants on their previous agreement, informing him that they will not be releasing Goldyn Chyld at all. The album masters then “disappeared,” and Ras Kass did his time, came home and moved on with his life. Though a few of the songs included on Goldyn Chyld have been out for a decade — as they’d originally been recorded for Ras’ third album, Van Gogh, which was bootlegged before it could ever be officially released — nobody, with the possible exception of a few lucky fans and other confidants, has since heard or seen the completed album… that is, until 2012.

This appears to be a legitimate rip of the actual album masters, which means correct sequencing, skits and not pieced together from parts of Van Gogh and leaked Goldyn Chyld tracks.

This is a true gem for all you Ras Kass fans. Hit continue reading to check out the tracklist & download the album.

Props to TROY Blog.

1. Revelationz 22:22 (Intro) ft. DJ Kay Slay (prod. by Poli)
2. Goldyn Chyld Remix (prod. by DJ Premier)
3. The Whoop ft. Busta Rhymes & Dina Rae (prod. by Dr. Dre)
4. Everything & More ft. Mya
5. C What I C ft. Pharoahe Monch (prod. by Hi-Tek)
6. Is This Love?
7. Hate Me More ft. Jelly Roll (prod. by Jelly Roll)
8. Fuck U Up (prod. by Scott Storch)
9. NBA ft. The Golden State Project (prod. by Rockwilder)
10. Sex ft. Xzibit & Jelly Roll (prod. by Jelly Roll)
11. 4 Much ft. Tash, Bad Azz, Lil’ J & Nate Dogg (prod. by Battlecat)
12. Drinks Up High ft. Mikey Dan (prod. by Mikey Dan)
13. Happiness
14. Back It Up ft. Kokane (prod. by Rick Rock)
15. Kick Rocks ft. Tray Dee (prod. by Battlecat)
16. Kiss of Death ft. Sideline (prod. by Khalil)
17. The Seance ft. Kon Artis (prod. by Denaun Porter)

DOWNLOAD: Ras Kass – Goldyn Chyld (Full Album)

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