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The second day of Fresh Island Festival was marked by performances of headliners: Evidence, Migos and Action Bronson. The vibe was great during the whole day with Melody Kane, Soul Stage Powered by Noisey, Tim Westwood and more delivering us that good sound before the headliners.


Migos went ham from the beginning of the show. With the Versace as the first song they performed yesterday, the whole crowd was sure that it was going to be a great, sweaty party. And it was.


People were wild as Quavo and Takeoff were trapping their hits such as Hannah Montana, One time, Ounces and more. Few mosh pits were formed by crazed fans. Interaction with the crowd was great the whole time.


At the end of the show, Migos decided to conduct a twerk contest with the help of the Fresh Island resident MCs. They called about 20 girls up on stage to twerk for them. Ladies were battling one on one and the crowd were deciding which one was better by pointing their fingers in the direction of the dancer. The end of the contest was also the end of their show. Well, al least for the most of the fans, because Migos invited some of the girls who danced to the backstage.



Mr. Wonderful showed up on Aquarius‘s stage with the big blunt, ready to give us an amazing party. I think that anyone who was present there would agree that his concert was exactly that. As anticipated, Bronson wasn’t on the stage the whole time during the show. It is known that he gets bored easily standing in one spot while performing. He walked around among the crowd, rapping, smoking, spitting water at the fans, proving us once again that he is man of the people. He gets down with the crowd, alright.



The crowd’s reaction to Joey‘s and Danny‘s arrival on the stage was euphoric, as they were not expected on Bronson’s show.



Last 2 songs he performed yesterday were 2 of the biggest hits from his latest album. I’m talking about Baby Blue and Easy Rider. He performed Baby Blue in the VIP section of Aquarius, while, for Easy Riders, he was back on the stage, going mad, throwing bottles of water in to the crowd, smoking his blunt, hitting the speakers, dropping the mic and finally rode Harley in to the sunset. Or at least into the backstage.


Written by: Ralphie
Photo credits: Goran Telak

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