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Sound system selector Kevin ‘Squingy’ Bennett, of the long-time popular clash specialist Bass Odyssey sound system, reportedly died early this morning in the Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, where he was being treated for an undisclosed terminal illness that he had been battling for years.
His death comes just days short of the first in a series of fund raising dances that were planned on his behalf – to be held in various U.S. cities, starting with Brooklyn, New York, this Saturday, November 28. It’s likely that the events will still be staged in order to raise money for his funeral expenses and family.

  1. 1chance on November 27, 2009

    RIP Squingy!! At the same time there is a lesson to be taught from his passing.
    Squingy was battling AIDS for the last couple of years, Doctors in Jamaica could do nothing else for him, so he went to Florida for other options. Unfortunately, it was too late.
    Why is this subject such
    a taboo and everyone refuses to talk about it? How many women has Squingy had
    relations with while touring, and playing all over the world. do these women
    know? have they gotten tested? how can we prevent the spread of this deadly
    disease if everyone gwaan like seh dem fraid fi seh di word. Black people we
    have got to do better. all in all it sad still he was the greatest

  2. tanisha on December 02, 2009

    I totally agree with you, Squingy had Aids for years. some people knew and some didn’t. Bass Odyssey knew and kept this man’s secret, knowing that he was still out there sexin the girls. I guess as long as he’s bringing in the money for them who cares how many people him pass it to. it’s sickening that to this day after the man is dead and gone from it, people still believing the lies bout is cancer. People wake up. Bass Odyssey needs to step up and use this to teach the youths about STD prevention. In this day and age people still a lie and cover up something serious like Aids.

  3. Sherry on December 05, 2010

    I respect Bass Odyssey from keeping The fact that he has AIDS a secret knowing the taboo with Jamaicans and the Virus. Tanisha above said Bass Odyssey should use squingy as an example for the youth for STD prevention. But what are parents for? I have a 17 years old son he is acting macho like a man and I have to the telling him the facts of life and about the disease.

    Every one this disease so far is here to stay. We need to find some forum to educate the young and the elderly but putting someone name out there with the disease wont help.

  4. LINKS on May 07, 2011

    Well none of you has prove about.. but even if he had AIDS, the crew accept him.. he didnt born with it… he get fro m someone…
    No can do more than there time…
    A true legend … has true friends…… who support him..