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Unreleased new Roc Marciano track produced by Pete Rock, as heard on DJ Premier‘s Live From Headqcourterz radio show.

Via Unkut.

Bonus: Hit continue reading to check out the tracklist for Roc Marci’s upcoming mixtape The Pimpire Strikes Back.

1. Intro
2. The Sacrifice (prod. Madlib)
3. Doesn’t Last (prod. Roc Marciano)
4. Slingers (feat. Knowledge The Pirate; prod. Mic Raw & Roc Marciano)
5. I.D.K. (prod. Roc Marciano)
6. Take Me Over (prod. Evidence)
7. Higher Learning (prod. Roc Marciano)
8. Sincerely Antique (feat. Action Bronson & Willie The Kid; prod. Alchemist)
9. Ice Cream Man (prod. Roc Marciano)
10. 10 Toes Down (feat. Knowledge The Pirate; prod. Alchemist)
11. Velvet Cape (feat. Action Bronson + Mayhem Lauren; prod. Roc Marciano)
12. Shower Posse (feat. Knowledge The Pirate; prod. Arch Druids)

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